Safeguarding vulnerable groups

This policy contains guidelines and procedures for protecting the safety and welfare of children and vulnerable adults participating in university activities or visiting university premises.

The University organises a wide range of events and activities for, or involving, vulnerable groups.

Each year, thousands of individuals in the region take part in our outreach programmes and University Open Days which attract people from across the country. Some research projects and professional training programmes necessitate NTU staff or students working with vulnerable groups and, every year, a number of the University's students are themselves classified as vulnerable.

Our facilities are also used by other organisations for events involving vulnerable groups. In all these activities and situations, the University considers the welfare of these groups to be paramount. We are committed to practice that is safe and protects individuals from harm.

The University has a number of policies and procedures which help to provide a framework for vulnerable groups, such as health and safety, risk assessment, staff recruitment, and so on. The Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Policy summarises the University policy in relation to safeguarding.  The University also has additional guidance information for staff, which provides more detailed information about some of the key areas covered in the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Policy.

View the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Policy

View the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Guidance for Staff

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