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Coronavirus Expert Blogs

Our research community is full of experts with knowledge of many different areas impacted by COVID-19. Here we share some of their expert blogs, written in response to the current coronavirus crisis.

Professor Will Rossiter: Four propositions for the much-anticipated Levelling Up White Paper

Dr. Eleanor Reed: As we work to rebuild post COVID, women must believe they are brilliant

Dr. Rowena Hill: One year on: Measuring the impact of Covid-19 on society, communities and the people who managed the pandemic

Dr. Daria Kuss: On the use of technology in unprecedented times

Nelson Blackley: It's not all about panic buying with COVID-19

Dr. Colin Alexander: Coronavirus and the British Wartime Propaganda Playbook

Dr. Suzanne Ross: Resilience through Crisis: Bouncing Forward with Hope

Nelson Blackley: Future of UK Shopping Centres in doubt as COVID-19 impact adds to their problems

Dr. Chris Rolph: How COVID-19 has transformed education, overnight

Dr. Lee Hadlington: Navigating Fake News during the Coronavirus Crisis

Nelson Blackley: Is coronavirus-prompted administration delaying the inevitable for Debenhams?

Nelson Blackley: COVID-19 and UK Grocery Retail Trends

Professor Daniel King, Dr. Sarah Smith and Jack Rendall: How COVID-19 could exacerbate divides in Employee Voice

Nelson Blackley: Marks & Spencer facing trading challenges before, during and after COVID-19

Guy Lincoln: As hospitality returns, so do our emotions

Dr. Chris Rolph: The new normal in education: a missed opportunity?

Professor Rowena Hill and Rich Pickford: How the role of social science and knowledge exchange systems have helped to tackle Covid-19

Dr. Colin Alexander: COVID Propaganda from an Addicted Government

Rose Marroncelli: Working from Home: Clothing Choice and Happiness

Dr. Colin Alexander: Understanding the Communications surrounding the Coronavirus Vaccine

Check here for the latest coronavirus advice and updates from NTU.

Expert Blogs

Senior Lecturer Dr Suliman Alshahmy - Creating a social and economic vision for Libya

Professor Amin Al-Habaibeh - Autonomous Cars: The End of Speed Cameras and Parking Tickets in Our Cities

Dr Seema Patel : New guidance fails to address the human rights of gender-diverse athletes

Principal Lecturer and Deputy Dean Dr. Stefanos Nachmias: Childhood trauma and organisational realities: A critical assessment of key challenges, issues and future opportunities

Senior Lecturer Tom Hughes: NTU research to help British cities take advantage of Skateboarding’s increased profile following Olympics

Associate Lecturer and Doctoral researcher Amanda Hanson: Taxi drivers are taking their foot off the gas when it comes to disability discrimination

Associate Professor Loretta Trickett: Street harassment strategy is welcome, as long as those who abuse women and girls are dealt with swiftly

Patricia Francis: Perfect Storm for a Black Revolution

Dr. Colin Alexander: Andrew Carnegie and the Great Philanthropic Misunderstanding

Professor Daniel King, Professor Carrie Paechter and Dr Maranda Ridgway: Analysing the GRA consultation: reflections by the analysis team

Dr. Tom Vickers: New Developments in the Private Hire and Taxi Sector Raise Questions for Workers' Rights

Patricia Francis: The Killing of George Floyd: A Powerful Lesson for Change?

Professor Sharon Monteith: Pentimento and Black Lives Matter

Professor Gill Allwood: Fighting Forced Marriage in France

Professor Matt Henn: Another Election, Another Disappointment: Young people vote left and are left behind at the 2019 UK General Election

Professor Matt Henn: Intergenerational Partnerships and Local Democracy

Professor Chungiu Lu: Vertical Farming and the Urgency of Innovative Sustainable Food Production

Please note the opinions expressed in these blogs are those of individuals and not Nottingham Trent University.

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