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International Business Research – Trade-Offs and New Realities in Decision-making of People, Firms and Countries

  • School: Nottingham Business School
  • Starting: 2022 / 2023
  • Funding: UK student / EU student (non-UK) / International student (non-EU) / Self-funded


Recent events such as Covid-19, climate change urgency and digital transformation brought about debates on the future of globalisation and the impact on economies, people and organisational decision-making structures, cooperation, and competition. Major economic bodies—with varying ideological agendas—have begun to raise serious questions about the challenges of interdependence in the global economy brought about by globalisation. Additionally, the recent Russian invasion into Ukraine has made things worse, fuelling concerns about the future of international business and how to deal with these new realities. Given that Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and international trade have been a major driver of international business activities, it is common to ask: How will the architecture of international business strategies and decisions deal with these new realities? How can major economic bodies reduce their interdependence and/or find ways to integrate emerging economies into the global economy to push forward alternative trading partners? While the reasons that motivate these questions are understandable, no one knows the answer. What is now obvious is that these recent events are influencing international business strategies and decisions with serious implications for international business in general. Against this backdrop, we therefore invite research proposals that seek to address and offer new insights into how these new realities in international business can be addressed from an economic, societal, and psychological angle as well as unpack the enablers, dynamics, and outcomes of international business strategies and decisions in its manifold manifestations on any or even across multiple levels of analysis. Drawing on varieties of theories and methods of qualitative and quantitative research, this research project investigates and develops approaches that strengthen the existing international business theories and practices and provide fresh insights that would set the roadmap for addressing the new realities in international business research.

Application Enquiries:

Entry qualifications

An applicant should normally hold a Master’s degree at distinction or merit level of a UK university or an equivalent qualification. International students will also need to meet the English language requirements - IELTS 6.5 (with minimum sub-scores of 6.0). Applicants who have taken a higher degree at a UK university are normally exempt from the English language requirements.

How to apply

Please visit our how to apply page for a step-by-step guide and make an application.

Application deadline: 15th August for 1st Oct 2022 start date, or 15th Nov for 1st Jan 2023 start date.

Fees and funding

This opportunity is for self-funded PhD students. Applicants are encouraged to apply for external funding and we will support this process if and when required. Find out about fees and funding for PhD projects.

Guidance and support

Find out about guidance and support for PhD students.

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