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Nottingham Centre for Children, Young People and Families

  • Unit(s) of assessment: Psychology, Psychiatry and Neuroscience; Social Work and Social Policy; Education; Politics and International Studies
  • School: School of Social Sciences


Nottingham Centre for Children, Young People and Families (NCCYPF) is a specialist, interdisciplinary research centre with members drawn from across Social Sciences and beyond. We are dedicated to improving the lives of children, young people and families. We conduct real-world, collaborative and impactful research using novel approaches, ideas and theories.

Our research is driven by the pressing issues faced by children, young people and families. We work closely with an extensive network of community groups and strategic partners. Our research is strongly interdisciplinary, with a network of researchers across NTU whom we can call on to be part of a wide variety of projects – and we in turn support innovative research across the university.

Our areas of expertise range from sociology to computing, education to business, psychology to filmmaking, and we use a wide variety of research and evaluation methods, including ethnography; interviewing; app development; collaborative participant research; experimental design; focus groups.

Case Studies

Explore some examples of NCCYPF's current and previous research:

Evaluation of Small Steps Big Changes Programme

The Nottingham Centre for Children, Young People and Families commenced its evaluation and learning partnership with Small Steps Big Changes (SSBC) in May 2018. SSBC is a programme hosted by Nottingham CityCare Partnership and supported by the National Lottery Community Fund’s A Better Start Initiative. It operates across four wards in Nottingham: Aspley; Bulwell; Hyson Green & Arboretum; and St Ann’s, and aims to improve outcomes for 0-3-year-old children in the areas of: diet and nutrition; social and emotional skills; and language and communication skills. It also aims to empower parents, communities and workforces to coproduce services and achieve together. Find out more here.

We are undertaking a process, impact and economic evaluation. This involves:

  • Examining the functions of SSBC including service description, aims, services provided and target population;
  • Identifying strengths and areas of development, i.e. what works and what does not work, for whom and why;
  • Measuring changes and improvements in children in the following indicators and how these are attributed to approaches adopted by SSBC:
    • social and emotional skills
    • language and communication skills
    • diet and nutrition
    • other positive outcomes
  • Exploring how SSBC has empowered parents, communities and workforces to co-produce together;  and
  • Providing recommendations on how SSBC can be enhanced for the benefit of children, families, professionals and other stakeholders.

Reports are produced annually alongside other dissemination activities.

Reimagining Education: A pilot study to develop a knowledge co-production network of young disabled LGBT+ people (18-25) in Nottingham, to explore inclusive and expansive education.

Dr Alex Toft and Social Science colleagues Dr Ed Wright and Shantéy Francis have been awarded funding from the School of Social Sciences to bring young people from Nottingham together to create a group of young disabled LGBT+ researchers across the Midlands. For the past 3 years, Alex has been working with a group of young disabled LGBT+ people (16-25) in the West Midlands exploring their views and experiences of sexuality and disability. This funding will allow the network to grow across the Midlands.

Over the course of the project the young people will come together to explore lived experiences, with specific focus upon experiences within education. The long-term goal is that the group will work together to propose and conduct new research on aspects that are important to them.

Related Staff

  • Centre Staff A-G

    Loren Abell
    Verity Aiken
    Palwinder Athawal-Kooner
    Thom Baguley
    Phil Banyard
    Adam Barnard
    Lucy Betts
    Paula Black
    Rachael Blazewick-Bell
    Mhairi Bell
    Mark Bower
    Graham Bowpitt
    Geraldine Brady
    David Brown
    Verusca Calabria
    Simon Cauvain
    Helen Cazaly
    Lyn Champion
    Karen Chantrey Wood
    Andrew Clapham
    Simon Cooper
    Simon Cross
    Christopher Crowther-Dowey
    David Crundall
    Anna Cunningham
    Sarah Davies
    Claire De Motte
    Gayle Dillon
    Robert Dingwall
    Jonathan Doak
    Lauran Doak
    David Ellicott
    Sarah Emery
    Anne Felton
    Graham Ferris
    Jennifer Flemming
    Nick Foard
    Shantey Francis
    Katherine Friend
    Rose Gann
    Sarah Gardner
    Linda Gibson
    Sharon-Marie Gillooley
    Jonathan Gorry
    Andrew Grayson

  • Centre Staff H-Z

    Lee Hadlington
    Alison Hardy
    Matt Henn
    Nadja Heym
    Rowena Hill
    Lai-Sang Iao
    Julie Johnston
    Gary Jones
    Eiman Kanjo
    Michael Keenan
    Blerina Kellezi
    Linda Kemp
    Julie Kent
    Franze Kibowski
    Iryna Kushnir
    Rebecca Larkin
    Chris Lawton
    Matthew Long
    Kevin Love
    Jennifer Mackay
    Mike Marriott
    Marcellus Mbah
    Niamh McNamara
    Philip Mignot
    Christine Moffatt
    Francesca Morosi
    Sean Myatt
    Pavlina Nikita
    Anne O’Grady
    Louise Oldridge
    Vicky Palmer
    Dean Penford
    Jodie Pennacchia
    Stefanie Petschick
    Jane Pilcher
    Preethi Premkumar
    Zena Raschid
    Helen Reed
    Emma Reith Hall
    Mike Rennoldson
    Gill Richards
    Chris Rolph
    William Rossiter
    Rachel Rowley
    Mustafa Sarkar
    Eszter Simon
    Sarah Smith
    Ana Souto Galvan
    Rebecca Stack
    James Stiller
    Alexander Sumich
    Kirsty Teague
    Mark Thomas
    Andromachi Tseloni
    Gaye Tyler-Merrick
    Angela Vesey
    Janet Vousden
    Juliet Wakefield
    Lisa Wardle
    Gareth Williams
    Belinda Winder
    Clare Wood
    Helen Woods
    David Wright
    Edward Wright

  • Doctoral Students

    Amirkaur Aujla-Jones (NTU studentship)
    Chris Bellamy
    Adam Brett
    Sara Budair (NTU studentship)
    Nick Foard
    Shantey Francis
    Mark Gayle (NCCYPF studentship)
    Jackie Hamilton (NTU studentship)
    Ben Kasparinskis
    Yesmean Khalil (NTU studentship)
    Tracey Manterfield
    Ian McArdle
    Lorna Wardle

  • Honorary Professors

    Professor Sir Al Aynsley-Green
    Doreen Massey, Baroness Massey of Darwen

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