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Criminology Research

Unit(s) of assessment: Social Work and Social Policy

Research theme: Safety and Security of Citizens and Society

School: School of Social Sciences


Criminological Research at Nottingham Trent is characterised by its interdisciplinarity and its applied focus. Staff within the subject area are drawn from a wide range of professional backgrounds including research positions at organisations such as NACRO and the Home Office and criminal justice practice areas such as policing, probation and substance misuse.

Staff are currently engaged in research across a wide range of areas including the impact of crime reduction strategies, professional compliance of criminal justice practitioners and the effectiveness of market reduction strategies by police services. In addition a number of staff are involved in committees that develop and advise on criminal justice policy and staff regularly contribute to debates on criminological issues at both national and international levels.

Although staff interests encompass a whole range of criminological areas the team are broadly united around the area of crime reduction and to these ends staff have written widely on the theory, policy and practice of reducing criminality.

In addition to staff research, the Criminology subject area is also home to a number of research students. Recent and current theses have covered areas such as the use of the internet in hate crime, the economics of street based sex markets and the construction of denial in adult sex offenders.