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The Imaging & Sensing for Archaeology, Art History & Conservation (ISAAC) mobile laboratory was established in 2006 at Nottingham Trent University to further develop the use of optical imaging and sensing instruments in archaeology, art, history and conservation.

Our mobile laboratory gives access to:

  • state of the art and bespoke instruments for art conservation, history and archaeology communities, around the world;
  • a unique in-house developed portable imaging and spectroscopy instruments (funded by UK Research Council grants); and
  • commercial instruments that complement the above.

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How can the ISAAC mobile lab help your organisation?

ISAAC has a mobile laboratory which gives heritage organisations access to unique instruments and a range of complementary techniques to use in situ. We specialise in interdisciplinary research at the interface between science and heritage and in interpretation of the analytical results obtained by the multiple techniques. If you want to find out more about a cultural object or a collection using mobile non-invasive tools to perform in situ analysis, then ISAAC could help.

Available Analytical Techniques

ISAAC mobile laboratory provides access to state of the art technology, developed in-house which gives heritage organisations access to unique instruments and a range of complementary commercial instruments to use on site. The available techniques cover a wide range, from optical imaging to spectral imaging and spectroscopy.

For more information on our techniques at the mobile laboratory visit our page.


ISAAC’s projects takes the research team to museums, galleries and heritage sites across the World. We have visited numerous national and international organisations, applying our multimodal analysis for the examination of various artworks of different type and style.

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The ISAAC Mobile Lab has collaborated with several national and international organisations, including:

National organisations

The British Museum                                                                                                         The National Gallery

Tate                                                                                                                                  Victoria and Albert Museum

English Heritage                                                                                                              Historic England

National Trust                                                                                                                  Science Museum

Nottingham Castle Museum                                                                                            Birmingham Museum and Gallery

Royal Horticultural Society                                                                                              Historic Royal Palaces

Fitzwilliam Museum                                                                                                         Bodleian Library

Peterborough Cathedral                                                                                                  National Museum of Ireland

International organisations

Louvre Museum and C2RMF (France)                                                                           LRMH (France)

National Museum of China                                                                                             Dunhuang Academy (China)

Shaan Xi History Museum (China)                                                                                Getty Conservation Institution (USA)

Brooklyn Museum (USA)                                                                                               Museums of New Mexico (USA)

Museum of International Folk Art (USA)                                                                        Fondation Beyeler (Switzerland)

How to Apply

Access to the ISAAC mobile laboratory is provided at a non-profit basis to charities and public organisations. A short application is required, providing the background, aims and objectives of the project. You will then be contacted by a member of the ISAAC team to discuss the technical feasibility and to suggest instruments and techniques to apply.

Contact us

If you would like to find out more about ISAAC or talk to us about accessing our mobile laboratory, then please email us:


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