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Globalisation, Migration and Diaspora

Unit(s) of assessment: Communication, Cultural and Media Studies, Library and Information Management

School: School of Arts and Humanities


Continuing a proud tradition of research on culture and globalisation at Nottingham Trent University, the ‘Globalisation, Migration and Diaspora’ research group conducts exciting work analysing important aspects of globalisation, both contemporary and more historical. The group probes questions of cultural exchange, translation, communication and identity in contexts that are marked by inequalities of power and access to resources. Some of its work focuses on specific global regions such as the Indian sub-continent, Korea, China, Turkey or Europe, while other strands of it, looking at issues such as diaspora or migration, are less geographically specific in their scope.

Cinema and television, in both their ‘high-brow’ and more popular variants, are areas of strength but the group also works in other important fields including visual culture, public diplomacy and new social media. The latter are examined especially for their capacity to open access to communication to previously excluded or silenced groups and to enable the formation of virtual and diasporic communities.

All of the group’s work is attentive to questions of cultural difference and the need to challenge western centred understandings of history and identity. How people understand questions such as sexual identity varies as we move from culture to culture and region to region. This variation, and the need it generates for cultural translation, is an important dimension of our work.

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