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Public Policy and Management Research Group

  • Unit(s) of assessment: Business and Management Studies
  • Research theme: Health and Wellbeing
  • School: Nottingham Business School


The Public Policy and Management Research Group is one of the smaller research centres within NBS with nine research active core members, although it works with an extensive network of associates, visiting scholars and collaborators both within NTU and in the wider academic and practitioner community. These associates contribute hugely to its outputs and to its influence in both academia and the public services.

The group is interested in public management issues across the whole public sector at international, national, regional and local scales. It includes specialist research interests in central and local government, in the healthcare sector, and in the emergency services. It has a long established interest in applied research and is known as a research exemplar for bridging the theory and practice divide.

The group embodies the University's commitment to providing research and scholarship with positive impact aligned with the University's social purpose. It produced one of the Business School's three impact case studies for the 2014 REF exercise and is currently developing three impact case studies for the next REF expected in 2020.

Work by the group has appeared in all of the key public management academic and practice journals such as Public Policy and Administration, Local Government Studies, Public Management Review, Public Money and Management, the International Journal of Public Administration and the International Journal of Emergency Services.

The purpose of the Public Policy and Management Research Group is to:
  • provide a focus for the scholarly activities and a distinctive research identity for public management and governance research within Nottingham Business School.
  • provide a catalyst for organisational, staff and curriculum development in public policy management and service delivery.
  • generate interest and financial support for research and other scholarly activity in public policy and management.
  • promote, disseminate and support the research of members, their collaborators and associates.
  • facilitate the creation of public value and optimise the social impact and influence of the research and activities of its members.
  • facilitate interdisciplinary collaborations, within Nottingham Business School, across Nottingham Trent University and in the wider academic community interested in the theory and practice of public management.

The Public Policy and Management Research Group has three areas of interest around which it is focusing its current activity. These are detailed below and are reflected on the research units section of this website.

  • Central and Local Government
  • Health and Social Care
  • Emergency Services

Read the 2016 Public Policy and Management Research Group annual report.


The Public Policy and Management Research Group works with an extensive network of associates, visiting scholars and collaborators both within NTU and in the wider academic and practitioner community. The following are some of our closest or most recent collaborators.

Internal to NBS

Economic Strategy Research Bureau (ESRB): Director Will Rossiter

Internal to NTU

Emergency Services Research Unit in Social Sciences (ESRU): Director Rowena Hill

External University Collaborators

  • Assistant Professor Kirsten Greenhalgh of University of Nottingham Emergency Services Research Programme (contact Peter Murphy)
  • Professor Paresh Wankheda of Edge Hill University (contact Pete Murphy)
  • Professor Malcolm Prowle of Gloucestershire University (contact Don Harradine)
  • Professor Ileana Steccolini of Newcastle University and the University of Bocconi Milan (contact Martin Jones)
  • Professor Iris Saliterer Freiburg University (contact Martin Jones)
  • Dr Enrico Guarini of University of Milano-Bicocca, Milan (contact Martin Jones)
  • Carmela Barbera of Bocconi School of Management in Milan (contact Martin Jones)
  • Professor Joyce Liddle of the University of Aix-Marseilles France (contact Pete Murphy)
  • Associate Professor Laurence Ferry of Durham University (contact Pete Murphy)
  • Professor Zoe Radnor of Leicester University (contact Russ Glennon)
  • Professor Claire Hannibal of University of Wolverhampt on (contact Russ Glennon)
  • Dr Nikola Bateman of Loughborough  University (contact Russ Glennon)
  • Dr Jo Meehan Liverpool (contact Russ Glennon)

External Practice Based Collaborators

  • Centre for Public Scrutiny (contact Pete Murphy)
  • Chartered Institute of Public Finance Accountants (contact Martin Jones)
  • Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (contact Don Harradine)
  • Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (contact Pete Murphy)
  • Fire Sector Federation, Nottinghamshire FRS, Chief Fire Officers Association, European Union Chief Fire Officers Associations. (contact Pete Murphy)

Working with us

The group maintains close working relationships and associate members from the School of Social Sciences who regularly participate and contribute to the centres' activities. The centre also has a number of distinguished visiting professors and visiting fellows, from both academia and practice who are active and supportive of its projects. . They currently include:-

  • Visiting Fellow Roger Latham, Past President of CIPFA
  • Visiting Fellow Glynn Lowth, Past President of CIMA
  • Visiting Professor David Buchanan
  • Visiting Fellow Simone Jordan
  • Visiting Fellow Dr Phil DaSilva
  • Visiting Fellow Rebecca Larder

It is keen to include colleagues (distinguished and new) who are interested in the centre's scholarly activity either to enhance their teaching and learning or to promote and strengthen relations with practice as well as to participate in theoretical and applied research.

Core members of the group

The core members of the Public Policy and Management aResearch Group are listed below. Their individual profiles together with their research interests and recent publications can be viewed by clicking on the individual links.



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