Social change, equality and inclusivity

  • Unit(s) of assessment: Education
  • School: School of Education


This research group draws together colleagues with interests in a wide range of issues centring on social change, justice and equality.

These include research into the technologisation, institutionalisation, stratification and categorisation of education along with related concerns regarding identity and difference, where we all share an interest in exploring some of the implications for educational practice.

Some of our current areas of interest include:

  • the interplay of institutional change, teacher identity and the difference in becoming/being a teacher
  • the technological framing of the apparatus of education
  • 14-19 vocational education
  • the experiences of Level One learners in the learning and skills sector
  • the formation of learner identities
  • policy contextualisation of the learning and skills sector
  • social justice, social class and (in)equality of experience within an educational context
  • learner voice
  • inclusive education practice
  • multi-agency working to support families and children
  • the implications and impact of co-professional strategies.

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