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Research degree opportunities

Renowned research

Our research is recognised and funded by research councils and other external bodies. We also offer research studentships for full-time PhD study, which are awarded competitively each year. We will emphasise the development of skills, networks and knowledge, to help you build successful careers.

Your research experience at NTU

As you work on your research you will be given the support you need, such as:

  • expert supervision from an experienced researcher
  • a well-chosen programme of supporting studies and training
  • pastoral and administrative support.

By studying for a research degree you will examine a specific field in-depth, usually over two or three years, and write up your research in the form of a thesis or dissertation. Then you will take an oral examination (viva) conducted by specialists in your field of research.

A PhD is not structured like a postgraduate taught course. You won't attend lectures or classes, or follow specific modules. You will work independently in order to critically investigate and evaluate your research topic, and you will need to carefully assess the research opportunities available in your chosen area.

A Professional Doctorate is structured around a series of documents, each of which is supported by an attendance workshop. This blends classroom attendance and research with the same level of independent work and critical analysis as the PhD.

For more information on our research culture and to find out more about the PhD work being conducted at NTU, visit our Student Stories page.

  • Types of study

  • Supervision and support

    Throughout your degree you will be supported by a dedicated supervisory team.

    This usually consists of a Director of Studies (the person with the greatest expertise of the project) and a second supervisor. If you are collaborating with a company or institution you may also have a third supervisor.

    Projects can be inter-disciplinary and draw on knowledge from two or more Schools. All students are encouraged to discuss any issues with their Postgraduate Research Tutor or Professional Doctorate Course Leader and their Research Student Representative or Professional Doctorate Course Representative.

    Our Doctoral School Administration Team will be your first point of contact for research degrees and will help you throughout the application process. If you are successful in your application, they will then be there to assist you throughout your period of study.

    As a research student you will have access to a wealth of our services, including:

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