Business and Management Studies

Research within the Business and Management Studies Subject Area has a strong applied focus, that aims to inform and influence policy and practice, relevant to national and international business organisations, society and the business community.


Research Contact: Alistair Bruce

Much of the research activity conducted in the area is inter-disciplinary and spans two or more of the five academic divisions that make-up the Business School. Research conducted throughout the subject area aligns with 6 key Groups and Centres shown below, and much of the work also aligns with the 5 key inter-disciplinary Strategic Research Themes that run through the University.

Research Groups

The research groups and centres below provide a focal point for research students doing PhDs and DBAs:

The Accountancy and Finance Research Group develops and delivers research across the accounting and finance disciplines that result in new academic insight, supports academic and professional scholarship and influences policy, as well as professional and organisational practice.

The Centre for People, Work and Organisational Practice aims to generate high quality research data and insights into HRM and organisational practice through engagement with academics, practitioners and businesses.

Our Innovation, Digitisation, Entrepreneurship and Operations research focus is on examining the socio-economic impacts and the policy implications of the digitisation of innovation, entrepreneurship and operations. This research is conducted by a group of multidisciplinary scholars from psychology, sociology, economics, political science, industrial engineering, strategy, operations, management science and arts and design.

The Marketing and Consumer Research Group undertakes innovative research in the marketing and consumer domains, and transfers this knowledge in an impactful way to the academic and commercial communities.

The Public Policy and Management Centre supports and promotes research into the practice of public management, public policy and applied economics by providing a supportive environment to conduct research. This includes grant capture, discussing work in progress, identifying possible collaborations (internally and externally) and to promote the recruitment of doctoral students in areas of staff research activity.

The Responsible and Sustainable Business Lab's aim is to enhance responsible and sustainable business practices through dedicated academic research with impact. The group brings together researchers who reflect on the various dimensions of business' role in fostering sustainable societies by means of responsible business organisation.

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