Business and Management Studies

Research within Nottingham Business School has a strong applied focus that aims to inform and influence policy and practice relevant to business organisations and the business community.

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Professor David Smith

Much of the research is inter-disciplinary and spans two or more of the five academic divisions that make-up the school. Reflecting this research is organised around eight research groups. The research groups provide a focal point for research students doing PhDs and DBAs.

The International and Development Economics research group focuses on transnational research, specifically trade and Foreign Direct Investment, the development of the BRIC economies and economic integration not only in the European Union but also amongst developing countries. The group also includes research into energy, energy security and climate change.

Research carried out by the Organising as Practice group covers a broad range of approaches from Bourdieu and Foucault to critical realism. The group focuses particularly upon strategy as practice and the relationship between information technology and organisations.

The Entrepreneurship and Innovation research group focuses on research into an eclectic mix of themes including:

  • technological innovation
  • technical entrepreneurship
  • virtual enterprise support
  • innovative eHrm
  • pedagogy
  • knowledge transfer (e.g. enterprise skills development)
  • women entrepreneurship
  • social enterprise

The Public Management and Governance research group has a long term and wide ranging interest in the development and delivery of public policy and the theory and practice of public management at local, regional, national and international levels. A particular feature of this research is a focus on applied and operational research and the development of innovative collaborations between academics and practitioner communities.

Customer Engagement (Retail and Services) is an inter-disciplinary research group that focuses on customer engagement in the Retail and Services sector. Three members of the group, Kim Cassidy, Sheilagh Resnick and Paul Whysall have been appointed by the Economic and Social Sciences Research Council (ESRC) to their Retail Knowledge navigator initiative which aims to forge stronger links between the social science community and the retail sector.

The Work and Employment research group provides a focal point for theoretically-informed policy-relevant analysis in the field of work and employment. It aims to explore the relationship between employees and the management process as well as links between this and other aspects of the socio-economy.

The Money, Finance and Risk research group draws its membership from the disciplines of accounting and economics and focuses on areas relating to money, finance and risk in the public, private and third-sector organisations. It aims to support the advancement of knowledge to the academic communities; policy-makers, businesses and practitioners. Among the particular areas of specialisation are corporate governance, gambling and banking and financial services.

The research group on Responsible and Sustainable Business brings together researchers who reflect on the various dimensions of business' role in fostering sustainable societies by means of responsible business organisation. The goal of the group is to meaningfully integrate the insights of an interdisciplinary group of experts to inform values-driven business practice in all dimensions of organisational life.

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