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Guaduneth Chico Leon


School of Animal Rural & Environmental Sciences

Staff Group(s)
Environment History, Heritage and Geography


Guaduneth Chico is an PhD student in the School of Animal, Rural and Environmental Sciences working in the applications of new techniques to study peatlands in North Spain.

Career overview

  • Research assistant at Swansea University
  • GIS Research assistant at Nottingham Trent University

Research areas

  • GIS
  • Peatland environment and conservation
  • Climate Change
  • Peatland management

External activity

  • Collaboration with Bizkaia government in post-LIFE+ Ordunte Sostenible (2018-2020)

Sponsors and collaborators

  • Diputación of Bizkaia
  • Cantabria government
  • Natural England
  • LIFE+ Ordunte Sostenible
  • Fundación HAZI