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Sam Bremmer Harrison

Samantha Bremner-Harrison

Associate Professor

School of Animal Rural & Environmental Sciences

Staff Group(s)
Animal and Equine


Dr Samantha Bremner-Harrison is the Course Leader for the MSc / MRes Endangered Species Recovery and Conservation postgraduate degree. She leads and/or teaches on the following Masters modules:

  • Species Recovery: Theories, Methods and Techniques
  • Captive Breeding and Husbandry
  • Conservation Genetics
  • MSc/MRes Research Project

Dr Bremner-Harrison contributes to the following Undergraduate level modules

  • Zoo Conservation and Education
  • Introduction to Zoology

Research areas

Areas of research include individual behavioural variation in a variety of species and the application of behavioural variation to conservation.

  • Behaviour and conservation: application of population / individual level variation in behaviour to improve conservation strategies. Study species include swift fox, California Channel Island fox, San Joaquin kit fox, Telfair's skinks and wood mice.
  • Behavioural variation in response to environmental selection pressures: Investigating population-level and localised responses to environmental selection pressures.

Opportunities arise to carry out postgraduate research towards an MPhil / PhD in the areas identified above. Further information may be obtained on the NTU Research Degrees website

External activity

Sponsors and collaborators

Current and previous research is being conducted with the collaboration, funding and / or support of the following organisations

University collaborations: University of Stockholm, Imperial College London; University of Nottingham.


An investigation into the effect of individual personality on re-introduction success, examples from three North American fox species: swift fox, California Channel Island fox and San Joaquin kit fox. Bremner-Harrison S, Cypher BL, and Harrison SWR, in Soorae PS (ed.) Global Re-introduction Perspectives: 2013. More case studies from around the globe, Gland, Switzerland: IUCN/SSC Re-introduction Specialist Group and Abu Dhabi, UAE: Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi

Resource use overlap between urban carnivores: Implications for endangered San Joaquin kit foxes (Vulpes macrotis mutica). Harrison S, WR, Cypher BL, Bremner-Harrison S and Van Horn Job C. Urban Ecosystems, 2011, 14 (2), 303-311

Reintroducing San Joaquin kit fox (Vulpes macrotis mutica) to vacant or restored lands: identifying optimal source populations and candidate foxes. Bremner-Harrison S and Cypher BL, Central Valley Project Conservation Program, 2011, p8

Changes in kit fox defecation patterns during the reproductive season: Implications for noninvasive Surveys. Ralls K, Sharma S, Smith DA, Bremner-Harrison S, Cypher BL and Maldonado JE, Journal of Wildlife Management, 2010, 74 (7), 1457 – 1462

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Press expertise

  • Animal behaviour
  • Animal personality
  • Reintroduction
  • Species conservation