Jason Marks

Jason Marks


School of Architecture Design and the Built Environment

Staff Group(s)
Product Design


Doctoral Research Student, Product design

Jason Marks has extensive experience of working with ceramic materials. Previously he has investigated how these materials can be employed acoustically and this work was featured in the Financial Times. His more recent work (exhibited at Designers Block in London) explored the impact of symmetry and tessellation by manipulating and assembling gothic tile designs into three dimensional forms. Jason is a proponent of digital design and manufacturing tools and currently at Nottingham Trent University he is exploring the potential of digital systems in the area of ceramic tile design and manufacture.

Developments in computation have enabled the creation of numerous tools that can be used to produce design applicable to ceramic tiles. Jason is exploring generative design systems in which all the components of a particular design are linked algorithmically. In addition to this he is involved in the design and production of new ceramic fabrication methods. These computer controlled modes of production will eliminate the need for much of the tooling currently required and allow for the manufacturing process to become more responsive, flexible and local.

Research areas

  • Product design


Getting off the grid. How can digital technologies be used to liberate the design and manufacture of ceramic tiles?