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Martha Glazzard

Research Fellow

School of Art & Design

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Product Design


Dr Glazzard is a Research Fellow and Hourly-Paid Lecturer (Textile Design and Product Design).

Research areas

Martha holds a PhD entitled Re-Addressing The Role Of Knitted Textile Design Knowledge: Auxetic Textiles From A Practice-Led, Designer-Maker Perspective, which addresses the role of design knowledge in the production of technical fabrics – in this case showing the contribution of tacit design approaches from knit-specific knowledge in order to create auxetic materials (materials with a negative Poisson's ratio).

Martha is a Research Fellow on An Internet of Soft Things (EPSRC funded), September 2014 - August 2016. The An Internet of Soft Things project challenges how a radically connected world would be designed to benefit human wellbeing, and in particular, what types of experience can be instigated from smart textile interfaces.

External activity

Martha is a keen member of the DIY arts and events culture in Nottingham, by organising and participating in art, music and film events.

Sponsors and collaborators

Martha has collaborations through research projects with Nottinghamshire Mind Network and Newstead Abbey Costume Collection.


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