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Richard Kettley


School of Architecture Design and the Built Environment


Richard Kettley is a Research Fellow in Ethical Design Research. Richard is working on the Internet of Soft Things project funded by ESPRC. This is an interdisciplinary project, bringing together design, textiles and computer science to work with Mind and users of mental health services to design, make and network smart soft things that contribute to an individual's sense of wellbeing. The Project is working from a Person-Centred Approach and hopes to develop a new inter-disciplinary methodology.

Career overview

Richard completed a four-year part-time MSc in Person-Centred Psychotherapy and Counselling at Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute, Nottingham. Richard works as a Group Co-ordinator at ISAS (Incest and Sexual Abuse Survivors) in Nottingham and across the county. Before training to be a counsellor, Richard worked in a range of educational settings, including secondary schools, EFL schools and special schools for many years.

Research areas

Richard has used IPR (Interpersonal Process Recall) as a data collection method for a phenomenological exploration of trainee therapists' awareness of their own body language and its possible impact on the therapeutic relationship. Richard has presented this at Sherwood and hopes to present at the BACP Research Conference 2015 in Nottingham.
Richard is now currently involved in research on the ESPRC-funded Internet of Soft Things project at Nottingham Trent University.