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Sara posing for her staff photo

Sara Mahdizadeh

Research Fellow

School of Architecture Design and the Built Environment


Sara Mahdizadeh is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Architecture, Urbanism, and Global Heritage, the School of Architecture, Design and Built Environment at Nottingham Trent University.

Career overview

Sara completed her Ph.D. at the School of Architecture (SSoA), University of Sheffield, UK. She was awarded a pre-doctoral fellowship by Dumbarton Oaks, trustee for Harvard University, the USA.

Prior joining NTU, she was a Research Associate at Welsh school of architecture, Cardiff University, UK. She was also an Assistant Professor at the Department of Architecture and Urbanism, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad. She has almost seven years of teaching experience in various modules such as Urban Design Studios, Research Methods, Landscape History, and Heritage Conservation. She supervised many Masters dissertations as well.

Research areas

Sara's main research interests include cultural heritage affairs and landscape conservation. She has published several papers (lead and co-authored) in international journals including Nonlinear Dynamics; International journal of Heritage Studies; Landscape Research; Landscape History; Architecture and Urbanism; and Architectural Conservation.


Peer-Reviewed Journal

-Mahdizadeh, S., Walker, S., Karimian, Z., and Rajendran, L.P. (2022). Royal gardens in Republican Iran: a case study of the Golestan garden. Landscape History 43 (2), pp.119-137.

-Amani, M., Khalil Nejad, M., and Mahdizadeh, S. (2021), Hierarchical access to the edible landscape: the Akbarieh Garden in Iran. Landscape Research 47 (3), pp. 333-353.

-Araghi, M., Mahdizadeh, S., Mahdizadeh, H. and Moodi, S. (2021). A modified flux-wave formula for the solution of second-order macroscopic traffic flow models. Nonlinear Dynamics,106, pp. 3507-3520.

-Rajendran L.P, Molki, F., Mahdizadeh, S., and Mehan, A. (2021). (Re)Framing spatiality as a socio-cultural paradigm, Examining the Iranian housing culture and processes. Journal of Architecture and Urbanism, 45 (1), 95-105.

-Mahdizadeh, S. (2021). Shiraz’s Heritage Gardens during the Political Turmoil in Twentieth-century Iran, Journal of Heritage Studies, 27,(9), 953-970

-Shokri, Sh and Mahdizadeh, S. (2020). Surveying of Visual Qualities of Educational Space based on User’s preferences: a case study Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran. Armanshahr,Architecture and Urban Development 13 (32), 251-27.

-Mahdizadeh, S and Rajendran, L.P. (2019). A renewed approach to conservation policy of Historical Gardens in Iran. Landscape Research, 44 (1), 48-61

-Mahdizadeh, S and Shojaei R. (2018).The involvement of Western Orientalists in cultural heritage affairs during the Pahlavi Era, Iran (1925-1979). Journal of Architectural Conservation, 24(3), 169-184

-Mahdizadeh, S. (2013). The role of religion and tradition in garden conservation; A case study of Qadamgah tomb-garden, Neyshabur, Iran. Exegesis E-Journal, 3, 14-23.


-Steg, L., van den Berg, A. E., & De Groot, J. I. (2013). Environmental psychology: An introduction. Chichester: John Wiley & Sons, Translated in Farsi by Sara Mahdizadeh (2020), Editor, Ghasem Motalebi, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad: Mashhad.

-Hosseini,A, Mahdizadeh, S, and Erfani, S. (2023), Historical gardens of Mashhad, Iran. Jahad daneshgahi Qazvin:Qazvin (in Farsi)

Book Reviews

-Mahdizadeh, S. (2016). Book review: Asian Heritage Management: Contexts, Concerns, and Prospects. Urban Studies, 53(10), 2215-19.

-Mahdizadeh, S. (2015). Book review: Persian Gardens and Pavilions: Reflections in History, Poetry and the Arts. Landscape Research, 40(4), 515-516.

Editor of Conference Proceedings

-Parnell, R, Rajendran, LP, and Mahdizadeh, S (Ed.). (2014). 2nd Annual AAE Conference 2014 Living and Learning Proceeding, University of Sheffield, UK: ISBN 978-0-9929705-2-9. Retrieved from  ACSA (

Conference Papers

-Mahdizadeh, S. 2023. Decolonizing memories of refugees through intangible heritage , LYNX Summer School,Dissonances. Re-interpreting and re-assessing difficult heritage, IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca, Italy, 13-15 July.

-Eshraghi Ivari, S and   Mahdizadeh,S. 2022. ‘ Transformation of Industrial Heritage in Iran during the 21st Century: Case Study of Mashhad’s Railway Station,’ Modern Heritage in the Anthropocene Symposium, The Bartlett School of Architecture University College London, UK, 26 – 28 October.

-Mahdizadeh, S. 2021. ‘The role of religion and religious rituals in landscape conservation; tomb gardens of Iran,’ Engage Network 1st International Conference, Towards A global Agenda for Humanitarian Heritage ,14-16 Jun 2021, Notingham Trent University, UK, 14-16 June.

-Mahdizadeh, S, 2018, ‘Changing of Attitudes towards Conservation of Cultural Landscape from Venice Charter (1964) to present: With reference to Iran’, International Congress on Avant-Garde Contemporary Islamic Architecture and Urban Design, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran, 9-10 May. (in Farsi)

-Rabani, H and Mahdizadeh, S, 2018. ‘Surveying of the factors on satisfactions of villa-garden users in Mashhad, Iran’, 3rd International Conference on Civil Engendering, Architecture and Urban Design, Tabriz Islamic Art University, Iran, 5-7 September. (in Farsi)

-Mahdizadeh, S. 2017, ‘Public participation in historic fabric, conflicts and prospects; Case studies of Sarshoor and Navab neighborhood, Mashhad, Iran’, The 4th Congress on the History of Architecture and Urbanism, Khorasan Razavi, Park Museum, Mashhad, January18-19.  (in Farsi)

Mahdizadeh, S. 2016, ‘Changes of Persian gardens’ concept in 20th century, Iran, 2nd National Conference on Landscape Architecture, Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, 9-10 May 2016. (in Farsi)

-Mahdizadeh, S. 2015, ‘Royal gardens in Republican Iran’, Symposia Iranica's Second Biennial Graduate Conference on Iranian StudiesDowning College Cambridge, University of Cambridge, UK, 8-9 April .

-Mahdizadeh, S. 2014, ‘Private Shiraz’s gardens of architectural merit in transition to public space,’ Aspects of Islamic gardens: Multi - meaning of paradise, Kavala, Greece, 10 - 12 October.

-Mahdizadeh, S. 2014, ‘The role of people’s belief in garden conservation’ 18th ICOMOS General Assembly and Symposium: “Heritage and Landscape as Human Values”, Florence, Italy, 9 - 14 November.

Shojaie, R and Mahdizadeh, S 2014, ‘Transformation of Urban fabric, conflicting individual right and public interest; case study Jamal Aabd, Tehran’, Association of European Schools of Planning (AESOP) 7th Annual Congress, The University of Utrecht, Netherland, 9-12 July.

-Shojaie, R and Mahdizadeh, S 2014, Transformation of  neighbourhoods’ structure and impacts of this alteration upon the identity of residents in 21st century Iran ; A case study Jamal Abad Neighbourhoods, Tehran, STADTKOLLOQUIUM annual workshop, University College London (UCL), London, UK, 31 Marc-1st April.

-Mahdizadeh, S.2013, ‘Complex changes in the use and boundaries of Shiraz’s private introverted gardens in 20th century Iran’, The 10th international conference of the Architectural Humanities Research Association (AHRA), Transgression, University of the West of England, Bristol, UK, 21-23 November.

-Mahdizadeh, S. 2013, ‘An ideal place for spiritual and socio-cultural encounters in 21st Century Iran: A case study of Qadamgah tomb-garden, Neyshabur', Morgan Centre conference: Encounters, University of Manchester, UK, 3-4 July.

-Mahdizadeh, S. 2013, (Re) construction of Iranian identity by means of the historical gardens, Postgraduate/Early-Career Researcher Conference: ‘Assembling Identities’, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK, 23-24 May.

-Mahdizadeh, S.2013, ‘Conservation of Historical gardens in Iran’, at PhD Symposium, Department of Landscape, University of Sheffield, January 28-29.

-Mahdizadeh, S 2013, ‘Royal and religious rituals of town squares in Republican  Iran: A case study of the Royal Citadel-Arg square, Tehran’, 39th Annual AAH Conference & Book fair, University of Reading, Reading, UK, 11-12 April.

-Mahdizadeh, S. 2013, ‘The role of religion and tradition in garden conservation: A case study of Qadamgah tomb-garden, Neyshabur, Iran’, 40th Annual Conference: The Midwest Art History Society, Islamic Architecture, Ohio State University, Columbus Ohio, USA, March 21–23.

-Mahdizadeh, S. 2012, ‘Impacts of Urbanization on the Historical Village: A case study of Khoosf, Iran’, Unpublished poster presentation at: International Conference Urban Change in Iran, University College London (UCL), London, UK, November 8-9.