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Jennifer Fleming

Casual Researcher

School of Social Sciences

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As a Visiting Fellow in the School of Social Sciences, Jennie supports the teaching and research in the school through activities such as lecturing, student supervision and mentoring.

Career overview

Jennie started off working in youth, community and social work in both the voluntary and statutory sectors. From the late 90's to November 2013 she worked at the Centre for Social Action at De Montfort University where she was Reader in Participatory Research and Social Action from 2011-13 and the Director of the Centre for 10 years. She has worked on projects in the UK, USA, South Africa and Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and many other Eastern European countries.

Research areas

Jennie's experience includes participatory research, especially the involvement of young people, community members and service users in research in a range of social, community and organisational contexts. She has experience working with public and voluntary sector institutions, multi-agency partnerships, NGOs, government departments and agencies in a wide range of participatory evaluation, research and change projects.

Projects Jennie has worked on include:

Young Carers in Focus, Children's Society supporting young people in evaluation of the project working with young carers.

DIEGO (Disseminating Impact from Engagement with User Groups and Organisations) – PI on this to develop a case study looking at the analysis of the impact of participatory research in the area of Social Action

WRVS, Shaping Our Age – BIG Lottery funded research project, to investigate the best ways to encourage older people to help each other to improve their health and well-being

Standards We Expect – joint academic lead in consortium led by Shaping Our Lives on a Joseph Rowntree funded project to identify and develop ways of enabling and promoting person-centred systems which empower both people who use services and staff

Howard League, U R Boss evaluation - Evaluation of the U R Boss legal service for young people

External activity

Jennie is a Co-Director of Practical Participation and Co-editor of Groupwork and a Board member of the International Association of Social Work with Groups. She is a Co-ordinator of Social Action Net.

Sponsors and collaborators

Jennie's research and consultancy work always involves collaboration with, and funding from, a diverse range of bodies including: The Children Society, Centre for Citizen Participation, National Youth Agency and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. She has worked extensively in partnership with local and regional charities and third sector organisations.


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