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john hearn


School of Science & Technology

Staff Group(s)
Chemistry and Forensic Science


Reader in Colloid and Surface Chemistry

John Hearn is the Programme Leader for the Chemistry Cluster of Programmes, a member of SASQC, section leader in Physical Chemistry and module leader for 10 modules.

John Hearn teaches physical chemistry in Forensic Chemistry and Fundamentals of Chemistry and air pollution in Environmental Systems and Pollution at level One.

Dr Hearn teaches physical chemistry in Integrated Chemical Principles, surface and colloid chemistry in Industrial, Surface and Colloid Chemistry and Work Experience Assessment at level Two.

In addition, he also teaches physical chemistry in New Horizons and Advanced Physical Chemistry and colloid science in Nanomaterials at level Three.

Career overview

Novel polymeric nanoparticles are prepared and characterised and evaluated for use in polymer latex films so avoiding the threats posed to atmospheric pollution by respirable nanoscale particles.

Research areas

  • Preparation, characterisation, properties and applications of polymer latices
  • Transport through polymer latex films including barrier, reactive and controlled release properties
  • Characterisation and performance of polymer derived sorbents for gases, vapours and solutes
  • Flocculants and flocculation including the use of chitosan.

External activity

John Hearn is a member of the UK Polymer Colloids Forum and member of the Bristol Colloid Centre ‘experts’ group.

Sponsors and collaborators

  • Dstl
  • ICI Paints
  • BCR European Commission
  • Willett Inks
  • Ministry of Defence