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Andrew Melrose-Cantouris

Lecturer/Senior Lecturer

School of Art & Design

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Andrew Cantouris has been a Senior Lecturer on the Photography programme since 1995. His background was originally in commercial still-life photography, working primarily with design groups and advertising agencies.

Andrew is responsible for teaching visual practice across all three years of the degree, is a part of the dissertation team and is the second year tutor. Andrew is responsible for coordinating a photo festival of selected graduate work at Free Range in London which takes place after the students have graduated.

Research areas

Perceptions of Practice research group: this group is engaged in investigating the research methodologies within the photography team as a means of enquiry into the range and diversity of photographic practice.


Andrew's work is concerned with an investigation of our relationship to landscape / landscape spaces. Photographs often act as a default documentation, which can have implications for how viewers respond to and interpret and understand the work. At the moment he is working on a series of photographs that are a record of open public spaces, particularly, recreational spaces.

He is interested in how these manufactured spaces often create ambivalent responses and what significance this might have on how we then interpret and read the work. Andrew works predominantly with large format materials and in addition to the work above is also producing a series of experimental images that are reflections on the relationship between the materiality of the medium and notions of time and duration.