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Andy Pepper

Lecturer/Senior Lecturer

School of Art & Design

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Fine Art


Andrew has teaching responsibilities in each of the three levels of the BA (Hons) degree course, including group seminars, studio lecturing, cross-year lectures, individual tutorials, specific (starter) workshops for level 1 and advanced contemporary art practice workshops for levels 2 and 3. He has provided subject specific tutorial supervision within the MA course and taught on the University's 'Hive Start To…' professional practice course and summer school.

Current projects

Apart from teaching in a fine art environment and exhibiting his work in group and solo exhibitions, Andrew is currently exploring the representation of contemporary exhibition spaces through digital holographic visualization, using advanced holoprinting.

He is also continuing to develop the website which presents professional advice and resources to a broad audience of contemporary artists world-wide. Through the site he has brought together 12 industry professionals based in eight countries who advise and contribute to the range and development of its content.

Career overview

  • Drawing in space - the projection of marks into three-dimensional volumes
  • The absence of drawing - the extraction of gestural marks using lasers
  • Holography - the use, development and application of holographic volume in the creative arts
  • Online presence - professional promotion using digital portfolios.

Research areas

Andrew's research involves the interrogation of images and objects, which appear dimensional but have no physical solidity. These are manifest through holographic imaging, projected light and site-specific installations. Phenomenology, perceptual disruption, lack of presence, and the friction between concept and visualization are key aspects in several of these explorations. He is interested in the validity of practice within an academic (research) framework and his doctoral submission was one of the first by an artist where practical artifacts, in this case holographic 'drawings', were acknowledged as the primary element of his thesis, supported by a discursive text.

Andrew's focus for PhD research is directed towards the critical development of holography within the visual arts and contemporary culture. He has been external examiner for a number of key PhDs in holography, so has a particular interest in the development of holographic optical process as practical and theoretical 'medium'. This includes classical analogue methods of production, including trans-media development as well as more current use of digital holographic processes and how they may be employed in a critical practice.

Some aspects of optical and perceptual phenomena are of interest, as they impact on visual thinking and contribute to areas of investigation which move beyond the basic 'spectacle'.

External activity

  • PhD external examiner (Dept of Photography, holography); Royal College of Art, London
  • PhD external examiner (School of Architecture and Design, holography); RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia
  • MFA external examiner (College of Fine Arts, holography), University of New South Wales, Australia
  • Director, International Holography Fund
  • Director, Shearwater Foundation
  • Member, British Fulbright Scholars Association
  • Advisor, MIT Museum, Boston, USA
  • Director and Chair, Art in Holography (conference), University of Nottingham, UK
  • Founding editor, WeLikeArtists
  • Founding editor, The Creative Holography Index, the International Catalogue for Holography
  • Lionel Robbins Memorial Scholar
  • Fulbright Scholar
  • Personal website
  • Participant in Nottingham Trent University Summer Lodge.