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Anne Frances Peirson-Smith

Senior Lecturer

Nottingham School of Art & Design

Staff Group(s)
Fashion marketing, management and communication


As Course Leader of the Masters in International Fashion Management (MAIFM) Dr Peirson-Smith is responsible for the daily running of the course and ensuring that the quality of teaching and learning is aligned with NTU standards and that the content curriculum is fully implemented ensuring optimal students engagement. Dr Peirson-Smith is also co-lead of the Clothing Sustainability Research (CSRG) group at NTU responsible for facilitating and developing research in the field of sustainable clothing, textiles and fashion in the Nottingham School of Art and Design.

Career overview

Dr Peirson-Smith has accumulated significant teaching, research, scholarly and managerial experience having taught in universities in the international higher education system since 1992. Across over 27 years of teaching in international higher education institutions, Dr Peirson-Smith has been a Lecturer, Programme Leader, Adjunct Professor and Assistant Professor at Hong Kong Baptist University, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong University; Hong Kong Academic of Performing Arts and the University of Oklahoma before joining the FMMC Department at NTU in September 2020.Dr Peirson-Smith also has an industry background in public relations and branding having worked for a wide range of international clients, including fashion and lifestyle companies, and has over 25 years of work experience in the Asia Pacific region.

Research areas

Dr Peirson-Smith is highly research active with a strong track record in writing research proposals that have secured internally and externally funded grants. Dr Peirson-Smith’s research outputs are located in the emerging fields of fashion marketing studies, fashion public relations, youth style, fashion archives, fashion geographies, fashion pedagogy, consumption cultures, creative labour, sustainability and green marketing, for example. To date, she has published 18 articles in top-range academic journals, in addition to publishing academic and creative works including 24 book chapters, ten conference proceedings, three industry case studies, four special issues of journals and six books. She has published a co-edited monographs such as, Public Relations Across Asia Pacific (2009); Transglobal Fashion Narratives: clothing communication, style statements and brand storytelling, (Intellect Books, 2018); The Business of Fashion Reader (Berg-Bloomsbury, 2019) and Planet Cosplay (Intellect Books, 2019). Currently, two other books are underway, Creative Industries in Flux in Hong Kong: A Critical Investigation into the Challenges, Agency and Potential of Cultural and Creative Workers (Routledge) and Cosplay Tribes: Close Encounters with Fantastical Fandom (Intellect Books).

Understanding cultural branding efforts and their brand narratives is one of the focal points of Dr Peirson-Smith’s work emphasising the changing socio-economic geographies underlining and driving the fashion system. This research accounts for the multifarious influences that emerge from Asia and impact on global lifestyles and economies and questions the significance of fashion in our lives as a form of embodied, symbolic communication and consumption.  Aligned with contemporary global concerns, Dr Peirson-Smith also researches the topic of sustainable fashion discourse resulting in various publications highlighting the communication challenges faced by fashion brands and policy makers in creating and framing rhetorical messages to encourage sustained cognitive, affective and behavioural changes. She has also contributed to a significant body of work in the area of fashion and popular culture pedagogy for content-based, internationally situated learners having published six articles and book chapters on this topic. Dr Peirson-Smith’s unifying contribution throughout her academic research and outputs has been to take an ‘ex-centric’ approach to her fields of scholarly fashion industry specialism by reframing the analytical focus in a ‘non-Western’ way. This research approach highlights cultural hybridity and transnational fashion influences across time space and place at global and local levels that have emerged in fashion branding and marketing, fashion retail management, the creative industries, fashion and popular culture, for example. Dr Peirson-Smith is currently working on the role of heritage archives and heritage fabrics in industrial placemaking; fashioning experiential neighbourhoods at the local level and the brand revival of reviving traditional fabrics.

External activity

As Co-Lead of Clothing Sustainability Research Group in the School of Art & Design Dr Peirson-Smith is a member of the WRAP Advisory Group. She is also Associate Editor of the Journal of Fashion, Style and Popular Culture (Intellect Books); the Editorial Board of the Journal of Asia-Pacific Popular Culture: East Asian Journal of Popular Culture (Intellect Books) and JAWS: the Journal of Student Writing.

Sponsors and collaborators

In the past Dr Peirson-Smith has collaborated with H&M, Lane Crawford and NGO Redress and Luxarity as consultant on their circular fashion initiative in Hong Kong.



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Journal Articles

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Book Chapters

Peirson-Smith, A. and Craik, J. (2022) ‘Gent-rifying the stylish neighbourhood: an examination of retail accommodation for the Asian urban male consumer’, In: V. Karaminas, A. Geczy & P. Church-Gibson, Fashionable Masculinities. Queers, Pimp Daddies and Lumbersexuals. Rutgers Press.

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Conference activities and external staff seminars and lectures

Peirson-Smith, A. (2020). Traversing the Peripheries of Time, Space and Place in Style: reinterpreting and reworking traditional Asian textiles and their fashionable application. Chicago Fashion Lyceum Conference, 10 October 2020.

Peirson-Smith, A. (2021). ‘Textile Alchemy: the appropriation of Canton mud silk as cultural brand story’, 17.6.21, School of Art & Design, NTU Research Symposium 17-18 June, 2021.

Peirson-Smith, A. (2021). ‘Immaterial or Material Concerns?: Deconstructing the critical role of material culture and heritage archives in post-industrial placemaking.’ Archives & Records Conference: Sustainability; Diversity; Advocacy, 1-3 September, 2021 Chester, UK.

Peirson-Smith, A. (2021). ‘Re-molding fashion boundaries in the mud: disruptive appropriation of Chinese Canton silk by contemporary fashion brands as origin brand story ‘Responsible Fashion Conference: Can Fashion Save the World? University of Antwerp, 15-16 October 2021

Peirson-Smith, A. (2021). Traversing the Peripheries of Time, Space and Place in Style: reinterpreting and reworking traditional Asian textiles and fashionable applications.’ Textile & Place Conference, Manchester Metropolitan University, 12-14 October 2021.

Peirson-Smith, A., Kent, A. Siregar, Y. & Guan, G. (2021). Disrupting the fashion retail journey: social media and GenZ fashion consumption.’ British Academic of Management (BAM) Conference ‘Locked down: the influence of Instagram on online fashion shopping behaviour’ December 2021.

Peirson-Smith, A. (2021). Slowly Fashioning the Neighbourhood: Exploring Dynamics of Fashion Retail Placemaking in Asian Fashion Cities, Fashion, Body and Culture International Conference, 29-30 January 2022, London.

Peirson-Smith, A. & Sindisiwe Kalane, M. (2022).‘Co-operation, Collaboration and the Survival of the Co-operative: an analysis of the challenges of sustaining the textile craft industry in Botswana.’ IFFTI x NTU 5-8 April, 2022 Fashion Re-imagined International Conference, 2022.

Antwerp Fashion School Invited guest lecture: China Fashion: Context & Background, 1 February, 2022

Antwerp Fashion School Invited guest lecture: China Fashion: Industry and Futures, 4 February, 2022.

Panels and presentations

Panel presenter and keynote discussant on 2 panels Inclusive and Genderless Fashion and the Future of International Fashion Retail in a Post-Covid World at the Fashion, Style & Queer, Drexel University, Philadelphia, May 21-23

Panelist and co-chair UN75+1 at NTU The Challenge of Change Virtual Conference: The impact of the global pandemic on the fashion and textile supply chain: stories from Bangladesh and Guatemala, 2-6 December 2021.

Roundtable presenter “Fashioning Archives” at Roundtable: Special Issue on “Archives and Popular Culture” at Archives and Records, 10 March, 2021 5-7pm.

Presenter and discussant Art & Design Research Day 17-18 June 2021 on ‘Re-imagining fashion and textile heritage: the case of sustainable mud silk.’

Panelist and presenter Sustainable Fashion UK: Sustainable Fashion Week Atlanta, 29 October, 2021, 4-6pm

Panelist at ASBCI Sustainability Webinar Series: Fashion The Change - the aftercare webinar, Association of Suppliers to the Britis

Press expertise

Dr Anne Peirson-Smith’s expertise is in the field of fashion marketing and communication with specific professional expertise in public relations and branding. She has been interviewed on RTHK in 2012 about her work on youth style tribes and cosplay. In addition, Dr Peirson-Smith was invited to do two media interviews resulting in an article in Ming Pao, ‘Fashion and Identity Inside and Outside the Classroom’, 30 May, 2019 about teaching contextual fashion studies at City University of Hong Kong and about the recent publication of my two books. Additionally, I was interviewed by South China Morning Post (SCMP) fashion editor in July 2017 about the cultural history of the swimsuit on 30 July 2018 for an article on 'How politicians project power through fashion’ (SCMP, 24 August 2018) on the visual symbolism of the sartorial style of male and female politicians locally and globally. As a follow up I was interviewed by CNN on the same topic.

Course(s) I teach on