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Design for Film and Television Multimedia


Danny Kaye teaches a wide range of multimedia and other topics. His main area of interest is audiovisual design, focusing particularly on the use and recording of audio elements of AV.

Current projects

  • Danny is involved in a project called Notions of Beauty with Huw Feather.
  • Currently Danny is involved in investigating the application of Bayesian ideas to various aspects of Statistical Psychology.

Career overview

Danny has supervised students that have studied mathematics, engineering, the use of mobile technology in viewing art and animation.

Research areas

Narrative and Interactive Arts

  • the application of technology to multimedia and theatre
  • audio engineering and design
  • questionnaire design and analysis
  • the application of Bayesian Statistical methods to data analysis.

Information for prospective research students

Danny's interests cover the area of audio and its relationship to multimedia as well as Statistics. Danny is especially interested in the testing of audio artefacts and equipment. His research focuses upon the application of Bayesian Statistics to real world problems, especially in Psychology.

External activity

  • Senior Examiner for Art subjects at Derby University
  • Examiner for New Access Courses
  • Examiner for Undergraduate Foundation Technology Degrees at Derby University
  • Examiner for UABEC Derby University.

Press expertise

Danny's areas of expertise are:

  • Audio engineering
  • Sound engineering and testing of audio systems
  • Theatre sound
  • Statistics and their application to social data