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Deborah Tuck

Senior Lecturer

Nottingham School of Art & Design

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Deborah is part of the core teaching team on the filmmaking course at NTU School of Art and Design. She also contributes to research into Narrative form and new technology.

Career overview

Deborah studied performance and fine art then trained and worked within the broadcast and independent film industries. Here, she developed professional skills and experience as a crew member leading to roles as DOP, Director and Producer.

Deborah is a HEA Fellow and has substantial experience of teaching at HE, in the areas of film, multimedia, creativity and design.

Research areas

Deborah’s research involves investigating new ways to design and tell stories using new and developing technologies. This research is demonstrated through several public exhibitions and academic papers presented within the Museum and Heritage sector. Areas involved include, narrative and storytelling, interactive narrative, audio-visual theory, game strategies, film and theatre techniques, visualisation technologies and interface design. Current projects experiment with the use of 360 Video.

External activity

  • 2014 – 2017 – Deborah worked on Riot 1831 at Nottingham Castle, an exhibition using augmented reality.
  • 2008 - Deborah worked on Run the Race, an Olympic exhibition project using 360° dome technology in collaboration with Run The Race Dome.
  • 2008 – She was a panel member on Bang Short Film Festival, Nottingham.
  • 2007 - Deborah worked on Game play, a Video Installation at Games City in Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham.
  • 1999  - She worked on camera for “About town” – Northern Exposure camera CH 4
  • 1998 - She worked on Out of Site (Artic Fox Productions CH 4) as Cinematographer and Decibelle Productions
  • 1997 - Deborah worked on Small Time (Big Arty Productions, Shane Meadows CH4 and cinema release) in sound and camera.

Game On - October 2007

Video art sculpture exploring aspects of computer gaming. Exhibited at Games City, Angel Row Gallery. In Nottingham and also published in The Edge Magazine Christmas 2007.


  • Sat’Day - Arctic Fox - Ch3 TX. October 1999
  • The Cost of cuts - Pillar to Post - Diamond CabTX. 1997

Director of photography

  • Time Wasters - Decibelle Productions - Ch3 TX. October 1998
  • Out of site - Decibelle Productions - CH4 TX. August 1998
  • Vas & Vas2  - Albany Rd Productions. January 1997

Camera Lighting

  • About Town - Northern Exposure - Ch4 TX. August 1999
  • Smalltime (Shane Meadows) - Big Arty Productions H4 1998, DVD release 2006
  • Where’s the £ Ronnie? - Big Arty Productions - Ch4 TX.  September  1995


  • Smalltime (Shane Meadows) Big Arty Productions CH4 1998, DVD release 2006

Camera Assistant 16mm

  • Keep off the Grass - Milk Productions - Ch3TX. May 1999
  • Granddad’s Not in Heaven Lifesize Pictures - Ch3TX. October 1998

Course(s) I teach on

  • BA Filmmaking
    Undergraduate | Full-time | 2023

  • BA Filmmaking
    Undergraduate | Full-time | 2024