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Deborah Tuck

Lecturer/Senior Lecturer

School of Art & Design

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Deborah teaches film design and digital narratives in the area of Visual Communication. She is a Course Leader for FdA Media Creatives and a tutor within the MA Film Practice and Puppetry and Digital Animation courses.

She also teaches on undergraduate courses in the School, including BA (Hons) Media Practice and BSc (Hons) Creative Media Technology. Within the School she sits on the Employability group.

Career overview

Deborah has a background in Art and Performance and Film. She worked on both independent and broadcast productions as a Director of Photography, Director and Producer.

Deborah can supervise projects that involve design, production and development of film. She is also interested in projects that inform new narrative design, particularly those that involve aspects of interactivity and new media technologies.

Deborah has been teaching in her field since 1994 and is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Research areas

Deborah is currently researching the area of interactive narrative environments, which explores the potential for virtual technologies as a storytelling medium. This research involves investigating new possibilities for narrative form and new ways of using this form for public display. Areas involved include audio-visual theory, game strategies, film and theatre techniques, visualisation technologies and interface design.

She is also working with Nottingham Trent University’s Lace Archive in developing an oral history project about the lace industry. This research involves capturing the oral history of those who worked in the Nottingham Lace industry during the 20th Century.

Her current (and previous) research is being conducted with the collaboration, funding and / or support of the following:

  • £125,000 – 2014 – As part of a collaboration with Nottingham Castle and Hotknife Digital Media, Design of Augmented Reality app for the Permanent Museum Display, Riot1831, at Nottingham Castle Museum.
  • £16,000 – 2012 Virtual Tour – design of virtual heritage tour of the Galleries of Justice funded by the NHS.
  • £5,000 - 2004 – Multimedia Showcase website – design, development and management, Nottingham Trent Alumni Fund.
  • £15,000- 2008 – Virtual Heritage Tour project – involving the design and creation of virtual heritage tours in collaboration with Broadway Media Centre Nottingham, The Galleries of Justice, Greens Mill Museum and Nottingham Castle.

External activity

  • 2008 - Deborah worked on Run the Race, an Olympic exhibition project using 360° dome technology in collaboration with Run The Race Dome.
  • 2008 – She was a panel member on Bang Short Film Festival, Nottingham.
  • 2007 - Deborah worked on Game play, a Video Installation at Games City in Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham.
  • 1998 - She worked on Out of Site (Artic Fox Productions) as Cinematographer.
  • 1997 - Deborah worked on Small Time (Big Arty Productions, Shane Meadows) in sound production