Dorothy Hardy

Dorothy Hardy

Research Fellow

School of Art & Design

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Fashion, knitwear and textile design


Dr. Dorothy Hardy is a Research Fellow in the Advanced Textiles Research Group at Nottingham Trent University. She is a professional engineer and artist who uses her skills to progress and present new technologies.

Dorothy’s current work involves development and testing of electronic yarns that perform a wide variety of sensing and output functions, including lighting. This includes incorporation of these novel yarns into practical and entertaining applications including clothing, costumes and artworks. She has carried out extensive dissemination work, including organisation of film shoots of electronic textiles, plus presentation at international conferences and trade shows.

Career overview

Sustainability is at the forefront of Dorothy’s research. Her background is in renewable energy generation, with a career that started in development of wind turbine generators. She has carried out research into community renewable energy schemes in the Scottish borders. Her PhD research developed the use of photovoltaic cells in decorative glazing. She is now investigating the sustainable design, use and disposal of electronic textiles.

Dorothy’s artwork spans paper, print, textile and glass works, and has gained awards that include the David Peace Award from the Guild of Glass Engravers and the Michael Ventris Memorial Award from the Architectural Association.

Dorothy is a co-convenor of the Nottingham Trent University Early Career Researchers group for those carrying out research in art and design; organising events that develop research skills. Her current research includes provision of supervision and assistance to postgraduate students working on projects that range from design of garments that control body temperature to creation of illuminated textiles.

Research areas

Establishing sustainable design, use and disposal of electronic textiles

Design of passive and active clothing systems for lighting and heating

Design, fabrication and testing of electronic yarns

Developing practical and artistic applications for electronic yarns

Use of photovoltaics (solar cells) in artistic applications

Use of lighting to view Signed Languages

Use of visual art, including comics, to explain research

Collage and collograph

External activity

Member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology:

Collaborator with Notts Does Comics:

Sponsors and collaborators

As a member of the Advanced Textiles Research Group, Dorothy liaises with project partners in industry and academia to develop the group’s research. This includes work with suppliers of materials and machinery to progress the design and manufacture of electronic yarns and prototype textiles.

Press expertise

Electronic textiles
Sustainability of electronic textiles
Artistic use of solar cells
Use of visual art to convey research concepts