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Issabella Dabiri

Izzy Dabiri

Technical Specialist

Technical Specialist - School of Art and Design


Izzy is costume tailor by trade, predominantly working in opera and ballet. At NTU she teaches and supports students in costume making and various specialisms across the College of Art, Design and the Built Environment.

Izzy is also a textile artist, with a focus on tapestry weaving and global weaving traditions.

Career overview

Izzy trained in bespoke tailoring and later in costume tailoring at the Royal Opera House in London. She has continued to work at various opera houses, ballet companies, museums and theatres in both the UK and the US. She brings her professional knowledge and practice to the work she does at the University

Research areas

Costume Tailoring

Historical Tailoring

Tapestry Weaving

Weaving Traditions

Costume Design

Hand Embroidery

Sustainable practice

External activity

Outside of the University, Izzy works from her studio. Her current focus is tapestry weaving and weaving traditions in a wider textile practice.