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Jed Hoyland

Senior Lecturer

Nottingham School of Art & Design

Staff Group(s)


Senior Lecturer, Photography

Jed teaches on both the Visual Practice and Critical Practice aspects of the course. He teaches on Years One and Three and is module leader for the Year One Photographic History and Critical Practice module.

He is currently working upon the following pieces of practical work:

  1. Wall Pieces.
  2. Sea Pieces and Black Squares (Sea and Sky).
    The above come under the general rubric of what Jed refers to as the Conceptual Landscape.
  3. The Portrait and the Self/Performativity and the Self.
  4. Myths, Desires, Archetypes.

Research areas


Jed's work grows out of both Minimalist and Conceptual traditions. Although his work could be classed according to the subject matter represented, the same conceptual concern related to time, difference and repetition, runs throughout his work. He uses an extended series methodology, very often producing at least 100 photographs in each series. In this way the series are supplemented for an extended period of time spanning many years.

His theoretical research explores the following. It should be borne in mind that there is a mutually reflexive dialogue between the practice and theory.

  1. Difference and repetition in the work of Deleuze. This also connects with the work of certain musicians, such as Morton Feldman, along with minimalist and conceptual traditions.
  2. Performativity, the self and queer theory. This relates to the role of performativity in the portrait, identity and gender.
  3. Photography, touch and skin. This explores the idea of light as a texture and the photograph originated by a touch which produces a (photographic) skin.
  4. Philosophical aesthetics. This is a very broad area, but Jed is particularly interested in hermeneutical phenomenology and ideas of interpretation and the work of art. He is particularly interested in the work of: Gadamer, Heidegger, Ricoeur, Dufrenne, Blanchot, and Derrida.