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Jed Hoyland

Senior Lecturer

Nottingham School of Art & Design

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Jed teaches on both the Visual Practice and Critical Practice aspects of the photography course. He is currently module leader for both Year One Modules, Exploring Photography and Conversations with Photography.

Jed teaches the lectures series for Conversations with Photography covering theory and history of photography. The lectures include such things as Semiotics, Hermeneutics, Modernism/Postmodernism, and exploring the historical and contemporary concerns of particular subjects and genres. He devised the projects for the Exploring Photography module that allow students to question and explore what photography can do..

Jed has taught on all years of the course. He does practical workshops in the black and white and colour darkrooms, studios, Victorian photographic processes, and hand-made bookmaking.

Career overview

Prior to NTU Jed worked in F.E. and H.E., teaching on, and running a Foundation Art & Design Course (Post A-level) and also worked on the MA Fine Art Course at Birmingham City University for nine years.

He is currently working upon the following bodies of work:

  1. Stillness / Silence / Arrangements:

    A series of still-life photographs of objects arranged on a mantelpiece in a domestic space, a home. The domestic space, the still-life, such things bring to mind countless works that have gone before. These terms seem almost archaic. This work builds itself out of such archaic traditions, both signaling their own remaindering and yet vitality. Objects appear, transformed, taking on different qualities and relationships; actors on a silent stage, yet each remaining a silent self-possessed character. The photographs seem to be silent, to withhold.

  2. The Shadow of the Object

    A series of still-life photographs looking down on various objects that are collected and arranged. The work takes its title from a phrase in Freud’s essay ‘Mourning and Melancholia’. The work concerns itself with the symbolic potential of the objects collected and arranged, and as a language we may have forgotten how to read. There is a melancholic state in being both a potential meaning and a refusal of certainty.

  3. Some Things I Never Said

A collections of writings/fragments of text that deal with various ideas about identity, the self, and existence. Jed is especially interested in the fragment as it pertains to various ideas in literature and philosophy.

Examples of Jed’s work can be found at:

Jed's work grows out of both Minimalist and Conceptual traditions. Although his work could be classed according to the subject matter represented, the same conceptual concerns related to time, difference and repetition, and silence runs throughout his work. He uses an extended series methodology, very often producing at least 100 photographs in each series. In this way the series are made over an extended period of time spanning many years. There is a concern with the anonymity of the self through the following of an extended series.

His theoretical interests explore the following, though it should be stated that there is a mutually reflexive dialogue between the practice and theory.

  1. Difference and repetition in the work of Deleuze. This also connects with the work of certain musicians, such as Morton Feldman, along with minimalist and conceptual traditions.
  2. Performativity, the self and queer theory. This relates to the role of performativity in the portrait, identity and gender.
  3. Photography, touch and skin. This explores the idea of light as a texture and the photograph originated by a touch which produces a (photographic) skin.
  4. Philosophical aesthetics. Jed is particularly interested in hermeneutical phenomenology and ideas of interpretation and the work of art, such as the writings of Gadamer, Heidegger, Ricoeur, Dufrenne, Blanchot, and Derrida among others.
  5. He is also interested in ideas of Silence and what can and cannot be represent in word and image, and that which can only be intimated at.

External activity

Below is a selection of some of his past exhibitions:

30 Oct- 30 Dec 2018: Nottingham Castle Open Exhibition.

4 April – June 2011: ‘Stillness / Silence / Arrangements’. On line show at NTU Wall5 online exhibition space.

24 July – 7 August 2008:  Light House Media Centre, Wolverhampton, Exhibition of work to go along with Wining Bursary for Rhubarb Photography, Festival.

5 Feb – 24 March 2001: Walsall Open Exhibition. Walsall Art Gallery.

30 May – 26 July 1999: ' 121 Portraits' Solo show at Impressions Gallery, York.

2 Feb – 17 March 1996: 'Arrangements' Part of group show ‘An Exploration of Still Life Photography'. Montage Gallery, Derby

Oct - December 1992:  'Food For Thought' Group Show at Focal Point Gallery, Southend-on-Sea, Essex. 'Fish Tales' by Jed Hoyland &
'Eat' by Michiko Kon.

Course(s) I teach on

  • Kim Warren, BA (Hons) Photography
    Undergraduate | Full-time | 2023

  • Kim Warren, BA (Hons) Photography
    Undergraduate | Full-time | 2024