Dr Patrick Lonergan's responsibilities revolve around teaching, learning, and research. Regarding teaching and learning, Dr Lonergan works across the four courses (including undergraduate and postgraduate) housed within Fashion Management and Marketing and Communications, teaching a range of fashion marketing-related modules (e.g. international fashion business, brand strategy, marketing communications, cultural context etc.), each of which has sought to foster critical analytic skills in students by presenting epistemological alternatives to understanding fashion marketing.

Dr Lonergan's research and teaching interests are firmly located within consumer culture theory. A core argument that pervades Dr Lonergan's contribution to fashion theory is that we cannot continue to understand aesthetic consumption by solely focusing on the consumer through a representational lens. Rather than appreciate the consumption experience as one replete with conscious 'meaning', we must also acknowledge the intense affective energies, physical forces, mythical narratives, magic, sorcery, mystique etc. that shape enduring dispositions, and thus guide our emotional, non-rational consumption patterns of fashion through shaping our perception of reality. Thus, much of Dr Lonergan's work is positioned at the intersection of affect, hedonic consumption and marketplace cultures, and is geared toward enhancing the debate on aesthetic consumption experiences.

Career overview

Prior to NTU, Dr Lonergan completed a BA in Economics & Sociology, an MSc in Marketing, Consumption & Society and PhD research at the University of Limerick in Ireland. During this time, Dr Lonergan also taught in Kemmy Business School, UL, where he taught the full range of marketing subjects to undergraduate and postgraduate students while specialising in consumer behaviour, branding, and marketing communications.

Research areas

Dr Lonergan's PhD thesis explored how a veil of romanticism and mystique is woven around marketplace cultures, thereby authenticating their non-rational promises through appealing to consumers' imaginations. Utilising the context of luxury fashion, Dr Lonergan's work adopts a non-representational approach to explore how producers mobilise affect to frame the consumption experience and recruit the consumer to engage in the romantic fantasy of an aspirational, branded lifestyle. Dr Lonergan foregrounds cultural intermediaries - such as creative directors, fashion models, photographers, and editors - that constitute brands as arbiters of taste and therefore central to forging an affective tie between the consumer and this transcendent reality within an animated branded space. From this, he has developed a four-paper publication strategy that he is currently working on.

External activity

In recent months, Dr Lonergan has contributed thought on various aspects of fashion and consumer culture in pieces for The Huffington Post UK, The Conversation and The Independent UK.


Lonergan, P., Patterson, M. & Lichrou,M (2012) ‘Consuming and Producing Bodies: Aesthetic & Affective Labour in the Male Modeling Industry’, Academy of Marketing Annual Conference, Southampton, 5 - 8 July.

Lonergan, P., Patterson, M. & Lichrou, M. (2013) ‘Gladiators: Fashion Models & the Production of Affective Intensity in the Consumer Culture Arena’, Academy of Marketing Annual Conference, Cardiff, 8 - 11 July.

Lonergan, P., (2015) Cultural Intermediaries as ‘Merchants of Mystique’: A Narrative Exploration of Consecration’, Academy of Marketing Annual Conference, Limerick, 7 - 9 July (nominated for best paper in CCT track).

Lonergan, P. (2016) Constructing Hedonism: A Narrative Exploration of Fashion’s Spiritual Devotion to Excess and Restraint, Costume Colloquium V: Restraint and Excess in Fashion and Dress, Florence, 17 - 20 November 2016 (accepted).

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