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Ayshka Sene


School of Arts & Humanities


Dr Sené is a Research Fellow in the School of Arts & Humanities. She is currently working on the AHRC funded 'Postcards from the bagne' project. Her research focuses on French history and memory, particularly the experiences of British women during the Second World War in France.

Career overview

Dr Sené was awarded a PhD from Cardiff University in 2018, her doctorate was funded by the AHRC South, West and Wales Doctoral Training Partnership. Prior to taking up her post at Nottingham Trent University, she worked as a Research Associate on the EU-funded H2020 project, 'Unsettling Remembering and Social Cohesion in Transnational Europe' (UNREST), at the University of Bath. Dr Sené also worked as an Archival Researcher on the Discovery Channel documentary, 'World War II: Witness to War' in 2018.

Research areas

Research interests: French History, World War II, Memory Studies, Oral History, Occupied France, Internment, National Identity.

Dr Sené's research focuses on British women and internment in Occupied France. She is particularly interested in the experiences of British women interned in Besançon and Vittel, two Nazi camps in Eastern France during the Second World War. Her research draws upon a variety of sources including archival material in Britain and France, oral history interviews and memoirs published or unpublished, letters and interviews undertaken at various points since the war. Her work highlights the importance of 'Britishness' in internees' negotiation of the Occupation and how national identity has shaped the inclusion of their experiences in cultural memories of the war in Britain and France.

Dr Sené has also specialised in the creation of online learning materials, as part of the UNREST project she wrote and implemented a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), which targeted memory and heritage professionals.


Sené, A. & Parish, N., 2019. How we remember war and violence: theory and practice UNREST MOOC. University of Bath Research Data Archive.

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Press expertise

History and Memory of the Second World War in France. Internment in Occupied France. National identity and Britishness during World War II. Women and the Second World War in France.