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John Tomlinson

Emeritus Professor

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English, Culture and Media


Emeritus Professor of Cultural Sociology.

Career overview

Professor Tomlinson is an authority on the cultural aspects of the globalization process and has lectured at many distinguished universities across Europe, the United States and East Asia as well as at venues such as:

Professor Tomlinson has worked as a consultant on issues of globalization, culture and politics to several international public sector institutions including UNESCO, The Council of Europe, The Commonwealth Secretariat, and the Geneva Centre for Security Policy and Nato Defence College. Articles, profiles and interviews on his work have been published in national newspapers such as the Asahi Shimbu, Tokyo, the Guanming Daily, Beijing, the Hufvudsbladet, Helsinki and on Finnish Television, YLE TV1 and Italian National Television and Radio (RAI).

Research areas

Professor Tomlinson's research interests include:

  • The public culture of contemporary capitalism
  • The culture of speed
  • "Immediacy" and cultural values
  • The cultural implications of the globalization process
  • The cultural implications of new media technologies
  • Social and cultural theory of modernity
  • Cosmopolitanism
  • International cultural policy debates
  • Cultural change in contemporary China

External activity

Professor Tomlinson is on the editorial advisory boards of several journals:


Selected publications

  • Beyond Connection: Cultural Cosmopolitanism and Ubiquitous Media. Tomlinson J, International Journal Of Cultural Studies, 2011, 14 (4), 347-361
  • Cultural Analysis. Tomlinson J, The Wiley-Blackwell Companion To Sociology, 2012, 182-196
  • Cultural Globalization Reconsidered. Tomlinson J, The Multiple Faces Of Globalization, 2009, 214-227
  • Global Immediacy. Tomlinson J, Cultural Politics in a Global Age, 2008, 80-87

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