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Neil Turnbull

Interim Head of Department

School of Arts & Humanities

Staff Group(s)
English, Culture and Media


Dr Turnbull is the Subject Leader of the Philosophy team, teaching all areas of Philosophy. He has a specific interest in the Philosophy of Science and Technology, Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Mind and World Philosophy.

Research areas

Areas of research / interest include:

  • Philosophy and Culture - examining the impact of globalisation on philosophy
  • Philosophy and Religion - examining the interface between philosophy, theology and secularisation
  • Philosophy and Science - examining the epistemological and metaphysical bases of modern science and how these impact upon our wider understanding of the nature of modernity

Opportunities to carry out postgraduate research towards an MPhil/PhD exist in all of the areas identified above and further information may be obtained from the NTU Doctoral School.

External activity


For World to Life: Wittgenstein's Social Vitalism and the Possibility of Philosophy. Turnbull N, Intensities: Philosophy, Religion and the Affirmation of Life,  2012, 95-116, Farnham, Ashgate

Introduction. Turnbull N, Radical Orthodoxy: Annual Review, 2012, 1-18, Cascade Books

Persons or Creatures? Sellars, Whitehead and the Metaphysical Problem of Late Modernity. Turnbull N, Radical Orthodoxy: Annual Review, 2012, 152-79, Cascade Books

Epistemology. Turnbull N in Knight A and Ruddock L (eds), Advanced Research Methods in the Built Environment, 2008, 64-74, Wiley-Blackwell

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