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Victoria Howard

Research Fellow

School of Arts & Humanities

Staff Group(s)
English, Linguistics and Philosophy


Dr Victoria Howard is a Research Fellow in Linguistics. Her research interests lie in professional communication, language and identities and sociolinguistics.

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A research team from NTU, led by Professor Natalie Braber and Victoria Howard, is working on a project called ‘Celebrating Notts Language’. Get involved by recording your self answering a series of questions.

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Career overview

Dr Victoria Howard joined NTU in November 2021. Before then, she worked in the Linguistic Profiling for Professionals team at University of Nottingham as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow. Her research there focused on professional communication and equality, diversity and inclusion. Victoria's PhD research focused on language and identities in UK politics. Earlier in her career, Victoria was a practising solicitor and taught Law for the Open University.

Research areas

Victoria's recent research has included gender-based hate crime, EDI in the technical community, government communications to Generation Z and recruitment language. Her PhD research focused on language, gender, social class and national identities in the House of Lords.

Her current role involves working on two research projects.

  • 'At the breast is best?' Challenging the marginalisation of breastmilk expression in infant feeding advice for improving health promotional materials, led by Dr Laura Coffey-Glover.
  • Language and museums: The importance of language as intangible heritage, led by Professor Natalie Braber.


Journals and Chapters

Howard, V. (2022). 'Gender, politics and national identity stereotypes: Constructing legitimate professional identities in the UK House of Lords'. In L. Mullany and S. Schnurr (Eds.) Globalisation, Geopolitics and Gender: Key Issues for Professional Communication. Oxford: Routledge.

Mullany, L. and Howard, V. (in press). 'Discourse, Gender and Professional Communication'. In James Paul Gee, Michael Handford (Eds.) The Routledge Handbook of Discourse Analysis (2nd edition). Oxford: Routledge.

Howard, V., Mullany, L. and Jones, L. (in preparation). ‘Supporting Generation Z during the pandemic and beyond: a multimodal critical discourse analysis of UK Government messaging’

Mullany, L., Trickett, L. and Howard, V. (2021). ‘Informing legal change: The language of misogyny hate crime, gender and enhancing protection through criminal law’. In I. Zempi and J. Smith (Eds.) Misogyny as Hate Crime. Oxford: Routledge.

Other publications

Mullany, L., Jones, L. and Howard, V. (2021). Public messaging for Generation Z: Lessons for government communications with young people from the Covid-19 pandemic. Policy Brief. Available at:

Mullany, L., Howard, V., Vere, K. and Williams, L. (2020). Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: UK Technicians’ Experiences During the Covid-19 Pandemic.