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Anna Ozolina

Research Fellow

Nottingham Business School


In 2016, Anna took up the role as Research Associate/ Research Centres Coordinator at Nottingham Business School (NBS) to facilitate grant capture and development of three newly established research centres. In 2018, Anna became a Research Fellow in Sustainable Mobility.

Anna is a member of the Research Strategy Group and represents the Research Staff Network.

Career overview

Prior to joining Nottingham Trent University, Anna worked at The Academy of Business in Society (ABIS) in Brussels and brings experience of large EU funded and corporate project management. In her role as Research Centres Coordinator at NBS, she coordinated international cross-sectoral, multi-disciplinary collaborative research project proposals. Now as a researcher, Anna seeks beyond academia engagement for impactful, long term agenda. Anna is also a PhD candidate in the field of Sustainable Mobility, evaluating the effectiveness of policies in promoting electric vehicle uptake.