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Banita Lal

External Supervisor

Nottingham Business School

Staff Group(s)
Department of Management Employment, Learning and Knowledge Management (Research Group)


The modules Dr Lal is currently involved in include: Information for Decisions and Planning (level one); Information Systems, Organisations and Strategy (level two); Processes and Systems (level two - long distance), Systems and Organisational Design (level two) and Information Management and Systems Strategy (MSc).

Dr Lal also supervises undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations, Network Company Projects, and MBA dissertations. In addition she supervises and mentors undergraduate students engaged on placements.

Research areas

Currently, Dr Lal's research interests are within the areas of:

  • The usage of mobile technologies by workers / homeworkers and the influence on home-work boundaries
  • Factors affecting the adoption of broadband technology in different countries, including developing nations
  • The usage of virtual environments by organisations.

Dr Lal would be pleased to supervise students researching within the areas of: the adoption of ICTs in developing nations, and issues in virtual / flexible working. She prefers supervising students utilising qualitative research methods, but is open to quantitative methods also. Further information may be obtained from the NTU Graduate School.

External activity

  • Membership of AIS
  • Reviewer for Journal of Electronic Commerce Research and Information Systems Journal
  • Prizes - UKRCW Grant for attending the ICEG Conference on eGovernance (Hyderabad, India)


Selected publications

  • Examining the influence of service quality and secondary influence on the behavioural intention to change internet service provider.  Lal B, Dwivedi Y, Papazafeiropoulou A, Brinkam WP, Informaation Systems Frontiers, 2010, 12 (2), 207-217
  • Investigating homeworkers' inclination to remain connected to work at "anytime, anywhere" via mobile phones. Lal B and Dwivedi Y, Journal of Enterprise Information Management, 2010, 23 (6), 759-774
  • Homeworkers' usage of mobile phones; social isolation in the home-workplace.  Lal B and Dwivedi Y, Journal of Enterprise Information Management, 2009, 22 (3), 257-274
  • Managing consumer adoption of broadband: examining drivers and barriers. Lal B, Williams MD and Dwivedi Y, Industrial Management and data systems, 2009, 10 (3), 357-369

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