Christopher Pich

Christopher Pich

Lecturer/Senior Lecturer

Nottingham Business School

Staff Group(s)
Department of Marketing


Since joining Nottingham Trent University in July 2012, Christopher has gained teaching experience at undergraduate and postgraduate level for several courses including BA Marketing, the BA Management Joint Honours suite, BA Business Management and MSc Marketing. Further, he has been fortunate enough to support multiple modules including ‘Contemporary Issues in Strategic Marketing Management’ [Level 3], ‘Integrated Marketing Communications’ [Level 2] and ‘Principles of Marketing’ [Level 1] and ‘Research Methods’ [MSc]. In addition, Christopher has gained experience leading several high-profile modules including Level 3 Research Project, Level 2 Marketing Management and MSc DERP and this has given him the opportunity to design and plan module content, activities, assignments-exams all grounded on up to date research, practitioner examples and the latest academic theories and frameworks.

Since 2012, Christopher has had success in ABS accredited publications with external and internal collaborators [national and international] including in the ABS 3* Journal of Business Research and Journal of Marketing Communications and written case studies for various texts. The outputs are supported by attending various academic national and international conferences and continued collaborations and professional relationships. In addition, he is currently working on several projects all at different stages [data collection-analysis-writing up] including the exploration of political branding and practices in British Crown Dependencies which is supported by the Government of Guernsey. Christopher has had some success securing internal and external funding from academic and practitioner organisations.
Alongside teaching and research, Christopher has gained experience of supervision and mentoring undergraduate and postgraduate students. This includes students on the in-company and placement students from organisations such as Toyota, Verizon, Microsoft, the National Grid, Barclays and 3M. In addition, he is a DBA and PhD supervisor with one completion and three current postgraduate students.

Career overview

Before working at Nottingham Trent University, Christopher worked for a number of marketing and branding organisations. Before embarking on his doctoral research, Christopher was marketing executive for Threerooms: Design and Branding based in Nottingham, UK. Christopher also worked within the exhibition industry, academic community, research and political communications. More specifically, Christopher worked as researcher to Sir Paul Judge and the Jury Team; a political movement of independent candidates established before the 2009 European Elections.

Christopher studied for his BA (Hons) International Marketing at the University of Hull Business School and the University at Albany State University of New York, USA. Furthermore, he gained his Master of Research at the University of Hull Business School. Since joining Nottingham Business School in July 2012, Christopher gained his (PGCHE) Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education, became a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA) and an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (ACIM).

Research areas

Christopher is an active researcher.

In 2012, Christopher gained his PhD entitled ‘An Exploration of the Internal/External Brand Orientations of David Cameron’s Conservative Party’ at the University of Hull Business School. Christopher’s research continues to focus on political marketing, political branding and the application of qualitative projective techniques. In addition, his research area also covers topics such as corporate branding, brand identity-brand image and co-branding.

Christopher regularly attends and presents competitive/research papers at numerous national and international conferences including the Annual Academy of Marketing Conference, International Political Marketing Conference, the World Marketing Congress supported by the Academy of Marketing Science and the International Relationship Marketing Conference. For example, Christopher was recently awarded ‘best working paper’ entitled ‘The evolving nature of political brands: a comparative study exploring the internal and external brand orientations of David Cameron’s Conservative Party from 2010 to 2015’ at the ‘20th International Conference on Corporate and Marketing Communications 2015’.

External activity

Christopher continues to work with external organisations within the profit and not for profit environment in relation to marketing, branding and communications.


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