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Dorina-Maria Buda


Nottingham Business School


Dorina-Maria Buda is Head of the Marketing and Consumer Studies (MACS) Research Group, and Professor of Marketing & Tourism Studies at Nottingham Business School. Professor Buda co-ordinates the research environment at the Division of Marketing and works with over 40 academics in the MACS research group.

Professor Buda is the winner of a Rosalind Franklin Fellowship at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands in collaboration with the European Commission from 2013-2017 in value of €500,000. In 2015, Professor Buda was also awarded a VENI grant as part of the Innovation Research Incentives Scheme of the Dutch Research Council in value of €250,000.

In her research monograph Affective Tourism: Dark Routes in Conflict, as well as in her wider work published in top peer reviewed journals, Professor Buda examines dynamics of performance and consumption of tourist places in areas of ongoing socio-political turmoil and conflict such as North Korea, Iran, Israel, Jordan, the Palestinian West Bank, as well as in eastern Europe. In-depth understandings of the role of emotions in such places can contribute to conflict negotiation and peace building.

Career overview

During her career, Professor Buda has worked at the University of Waikato in Aotearoa New Zealand, Saxion Business School, and University of Groningen in the Netherlands, as well as at Leeds Beckett University where she was Professor of Tourism Management and Head of the International Centre for Research in Events, Tourism & Hospitality (ICRETH).

For sharing best practices and innovation in higher education, in 2015 Dorina was awarded a Teaching Excellence Fellowship (TEF) by the Board of the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. This was connected to the innovative module at the Honours College of the University of Groningen: Passions of Tourism. The module included one week of fieldwork in Jordan and students were commissioned to design travel videos and brochures as part of their assessment.

Dorina has taught varying courses: Qualitative Research, Introduction to Research, Social Construction of Tourism and Tourists, Tourism Management, Passions of Tourism, amongst others.

Research areas

Professor Buda conducts interdisciplinary research at the confluence of cultural geography, consumer research and tourism studies. Her particular focus lies on:

· interconnections between consumption & emotions in times-places of socio-political conflicts;
· communist and dark heritage;
· creative and disruptive qualitative research methodologies.

Professor Buda has supervised Masters and Post/Doctoral candidates on topics related to leisure-led regional development; ‘nuclear tourism’ in Fukushima, Japan; complexities of non-rational decision-making in hospitality; tourism in the ‘death zone’; affective encounters at dark sites in Hiroshima, Japan, and ‘dark tourism’ motivation in camp Westerbork in the Netherlands, amongst others.


Research Monograph

Buda, D.M. (2015). Affective Tourism: Dark Routes in Conflict. London, UK, Routledge.

Refereed Articles

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Press expertise

Professor Buda regularly provides press comments in the UK, the Netherlands, and worldwide on matters pertaining to travel, tourism, and hospitality sectors, as well as about dynamics of consumption in countries of ongoing turmoil such as Romania in eastern Europe, North Korea, Iran, Jordan, Israel and the Palestinian West Bank.

Dorina has spoken to BBC Radio Leeds, Seoul Radio in South Korea, National Romanian Radio, de Volkskrant in the Netherlands, The Conversation and speciality magazines, and presents at TEDx conferences. Dorina is an expert on travel and tourism, communist heritage, and regions of ongoing turmoil such as eastern Europe, North Korea, the Middle East.

Gers Rotterdam, Interview in Dutch: Ramptoerisme in Oorlogstijd/Dark Tourism in Times of War

TBS eFM “This Morning” Seoul Radio, Interview: The Demilitarised Zone as a dark tourism hotspot

The Conversation: Olive trees, markets and hikes: how the Palestinian West Bank welcomes tourists at Christmas

The Conversation: Everest: I interviewed people risking their lives in the ‘death zone’ during one of the deadliest seasons yet

The Conversation: Chernobyl: we lived through its consequences – holidays in the fallout zone shouldn’t be a picnic

BBC Radio Leeds, Teatime Programme, Interview: British tourists travelling to Tunisia

Business Destinations Magazine, Interview: Why tourists are drawn to North Korea

TEDx Groningen, The Netherlands, Presentation: (Dark) Tourism and Emotions in Places of Turmoil

National Romanian Radio: Interview: Tourism – A Social Phenomenon/Turismul – Fenomen Social – in Romanian

Het Parool Magazine, Interview: Waarom gaan we in de vakantie naar plaatsen van onheil?/Why do we holiday in turmoil places?

Broerstraat 5 Alumni Magazine University of Groningen, Interview: ‘Dark tourism’ laat je relativeren/Dark tourism gives you perspective

Motherboard/Vice Magazine, Interview: Why death tourism is thriving, 29 October 2015

de Volkskrant/ Dutch National Newspaper, Interview: In Palestina besef je dat je left/In Palestine you feel alive

Dagblad van het Noorden [Newspaper of the North Netherlands] Interview: Op reis met een doodsdrif/Travelling with a death drive