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Huw Fearnall-Williams

Senior Lecturer

Nottingham Business School

Staff Group(s)
Department of Human Resource Management Nottingham Civic Exchange


Huw is a Senior Lecturer in HRM and Organisational Behaviour in the HRM department within the Business School. He works with colleagues in the HRM department and those based across the Business School and Social Sciences. He is a founding member of the ‘Work, Informatisation and Place’ (WIP) Research Centre, an interdisciplinary group of colleagues located across Nottingham Business School, the School of Social Sciences, and NTU’s Civic Exchange. Within the WIP, Huw is responsible for the development and support of research assistants, he also currently supervises two doctoral students whose research explores informal employment settings. One doctoral student is examining the 'business' of County Lines and exploring how they mirror, mimic, and draw upon formal management strategies, business models, and entrepreneurial practices in the legitimate economy. Another doctoral student has recently started a project that aims to problematise the practice of 'internships' and their consequences in terms of intersectional inequalities, social mobility, and employability.

Huw's teaching and scholarship responsibilities mainly involve working on undergraduate programmes. He is the Module Leader for the second-year undergraduate module ‘Human Resource Development'. In addition, Huw is a Co-Module leader for the first-year undergraduate module 'Foundations of Managing and Organising' which is currently taught to over 1,500 students across Nottingham Business School and Nottingham Law School.

Huw is the Learning and Teaching Representative for the Department of HRM and is engaged in developing and sharing innovative teaching and learning practices. He is currently undertaking pedagogical research exploring how new digital and artificial intelligence technologies transform our teaching, learning, and assessment approaches. He is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Career overview

Huw started working at NTU in 2017. Previously, Huw gained his doctorate at Lancaster University Management School, from the Department of Organisation, Work & Technology. He also spent some time in industry working in a consultancy capacity for private and ‘third sector’ organisations within the renewable energy sector. Huw is also an invited guest lecturer at the Hanken School of Economics, Finland.

Research areas

Huw is currently a stream co-convenor for the upcoming International Critical Management Studies Conference, 2023. The stream is entitled: 'Exploring ‘Risk’ Beyond ‘Risk Management’: Critiquing the Limits and (Un)Intended Consequences of Managerialism.' Further details about the stream and conference can be found here.

Huw has presented and contributed at international academic conferences, including; International Critical Management Studies 2019 (Open University, United Kingdom), European Group of Organisation Studies 2018 (Tallinn, Estonia), Quadrangular Doctoral Symposium 2013 (Dublin, Ireland), British Universities Industrial Relations Association Conference 2018 (Middlesex University, UK), Meiji-Lancaster Colloquium 2012 (Tokyo, Japan; Lancaster, UK), International Critical Management Studies 2011 (Naples, Italy).

Sponsors and collaborators

Sponsors and Collaborators:

Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA)

Director of Labour Market Enforcement (DLME)


Journal Publications

Clark, Ian, Collins, Alan, Hunter, James, Pickford, Richard, Barratt, Jack, & Fearnall-Williams, Huw. (2023). Persistently non-compliant employment practice in the informal economy: permissive visibility in a multiple regulator setting. Cambridge Journal of Economics

Clark, I., Hunter, J., Pickford, R., & Fearnall-Williams, H. (2022). How do licensing regimes limit worker interests? Evidence from informal employment in Britain. Economic and Industrial Democracy, 43(1), 431–449.

The Conversation

Fearnall-Williams, H., Clark, I., Hunter, J., & Pickford, R. (2020, July 2). Working and living practices may explain Leicester’s coronavirus spike. The Conversation.

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