Jessica Wang

Jessica Wang

Lecturer/Senior Lecturer

Nottingham Business School

Staff Group(s)
Department of Economics


Dr Jessica Wang's primary research interests include the information constraint processes underlying the financial judgments and decisions, when it's typically involved in investing, trading, forecasting, risk assessment, asset valuations, IPOs, asset pricing bubbles, momentum and other financial behaviours.

As well as such associated cognitive phenomena as overconfidence, framing, loss aversion, herding, and disposition effect, she is equally interested in drawing on emotional perspectives and bounded rationality theory in the context of activities outside of financial market plays in all market price movements. She seeks contributions relating to these issues at the individual and market level investors.

She is a member of Accounting, Governance and Risk Research Group (AGR) and Applied Economics and Policy Analysis Research Group (AEPA) in Nottingham Trent university.

Career overview

Dr Jessica Wang is a lecturer in Accounting and Finance at the Nottingham Business School. Prior to joining the University in 2016, she worked as an Assistant Professor of Finance and Accounting at Richmond Business School, Richmond, The American University in London and Associate Tutor at the University of East Anglia.

Dr Wang has taught various modules in Finance including corporate finance, financial management, investments and financial modelling.

Research areas

Published Journal papers:
Qin, Feng, and Jessica Y Wang, 2013, The Assessment of Risks and Advantages of Foreign Currency Hedging in International Trade, Communication of Finance and Accounting, 1(2): 118-119.

Guo, Zhenyu, Enjun Xia, and Jessica Y Wang, 2012, The Complexity of Petroleum Economics, Oil-Gas Field Surface Engineering, 31(1): 5-6.

Qin, Feng, and Jessica Y Wang, 2012, The Role of Management Accounting for Sustainable Development in SMEs, China Business and Trade, 11(4): 113-114.

Wang, Jessica Y, and Feng Qin, 2012, US Executive Stock Option in Accounting Practice, Communication of Finance and Accounting, 1(1): 128-129.

Wang, Jessica Y, and Feng Qin, 2011, Stock-for-stock Investment and Its Tax Issues: A Case study, Communication of Finance and Accounting, 10(1): 126-127.

Working paper:
Wang, Jessica Y and Raphael N Markellos, 2014, Is there an Olympic Gold Medal Rush in the Stock Market? (under review)

Wang, Jessica Y and Raphael N Markellos, 2015, Do investors save trading for a rainy day?

Wang, Jessica Y, Raphael N Markellos and Nikolaos Korfiatis, 2014, Economic History in 500 Billion Words.

Wang, Jessica Y, Apostolos Kourtis and Raphael N. Markellos, 2015, Hot information in High Demand: mergers and acquisitions announcements.

External activity

Dr Jessica Wang is a member of American Finance Association (AFA), American Economic Association (AEA), European Finance Association (EFA) and Higher Education Academy (HEA).

She is a reviewer for Studies in Communication Sciences (Elsevier).