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Jo-Anna Russon

Research Fellow

Nottingham Business School

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Department of Management


In February 2017 Jo-Anna took up the role as a Research Associate with the Responsible and Sustainable Business Lab (RSB Lab) led by Professor Mollie Painter-Morland.  The RSB Lab is a new research centre within Nottingham Business School and Jo-Anna’s role involves working with the team to develop research outputs in the area of Responsibility and Sustainability.

Career overview

Since graduating with a Ph.D in International Development and Business, Jo-Anna worked as a freelance researcher and teaching assistant before relocating to Nottinghamshire where she joined the RSB Lab in NTU.  Jo-Anna originally completed an undergraduate degree in 1992 in Development Studies and subsequently worked in the voluntary sector as a drug and alcohol counsellor and manager for 11 years.  She subsequently returned to higher education where she gained both an MSc and Ph.D in the field of sustainability and corporate responsibility.  Throughout her career Jo-Anna has developed a keen interest in theory and practice on how government, academia, not-for-profit actors and local communities can work collaboratively to overcome challenges associated with international development and poverty alleviation.

Research areas

As an undergraduate Jo-Anna conducted research in Zimbabwe on the use of English vis-à-vis the mother tongue in primary education.  Upon returning to higher education Jo-Anna began developing her research area in the area of Corporate Responsibility and political economy.  Jo-Anna conducted research on Tesco’s ‘Community Champion’ CSR strategy at MSc level, followed by qualitative case-study based Ph.D research on the potential alignment of UK headquartered multinationals with DFID’s poverty alleviation goals in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Jo-Anna is currently working on the RSB Labs “Sharing Vocabularies for Values-Driven Business” project.  This research addresses the problem that diverse vocabularies related to Ethics; CSR; Compliance and Sustainability are used to label business functions responsible for values-driven business, resulting in confusion over their meaning and scope.  The project aims to build understanding and inform future decision making on how the functions are defined and managed.


Littlewood, D. and Russon, J. (2014) ‘CSR, Mining and Development: the Case of Namibia’, in Jamali, D., Karam, C. and Blowfield, M. (Eds.), CSR in Developing Countries: Towards a Development Orientated Approach, Greenleaf Publishing.

Barkemeyer, R. and Russon, J. (2012) ‘Corporate accountability (Africa)’, in Kotzé, L. and Morse, S. (Eds.), The Berkshire Encyclopaedia of Sustainability: Vol. 9. Afro-Eurasia: Assessing Sustainability (pp. 74–80), Great Barrington, MA: Berkshire Publishing.

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