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Nuch Tantisantiwong

Associate Professor

Nottingham Business School

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Applied Economics and Policy (Research Group) Department of Accounting and Finance


Nuch Tantisantiwong is an Associate Professor of Accounting and Finance at Nottingham Business School.

Career overview

Nuch joined Nottingham Business School in June 2019. Nuch has work experience in both academic and public sectors. She was a lecturer in economics at the Leeds University Business School in 2004-2005. After that, Nuch worked for the Thai Ministry of Finance as an economist. Before leaving the Ministry in January 2009, she was the Chief of Financial System Development Planning Division, Fiscal Policy Office. She returned to the UK academic, starting as a postdoctoral teaching fellow in economics at University of York, then worked at University of Dundee as a lecturer in finance before transferring to University of Southampton.

Research areas

Nuch has research interests in a number of distinct areas of theoretical and applied economics and finance: financial economics/econometrics, investment funds, derivatives and risk management, financial services, fintech, international finance & economics, economic policies. She has published in accounting and finance journals (e.g. British Accounting Review, European Journal of Finance, Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting) and economic journals (e.g. Applied Economics, Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance)

Together with research collaborators at other institutions, she is working on two funded research projects:

  • Capturing Investor Sentiment from Big Data: The Effects of Online and Social Media on SET50 Index, funded by Stock Exchange of Thailand (with C. Channuntapipat, University of Birmingham, UK; K. Komenkul, Rangsit University, Thailand)
  • Thailand's Current Achievement in the 17th Global Sustainable Development Goal and Localized Indicators/Measures for Thailand to Enhance the Partnerships and Collaborations through Finance and Trade, funded by Thailand Research Fund (with C. Channuntapipat, University of Birmingham, UK; K. Komenkul, Rangsit University, Thailand)

In addition, she collaborates with researchers in several countries on some on-going papers in various fields, for example,

  • Normative & positive evaluation of microfinance lending  (with P. Simmons, University of York, UK)
  • Determinants of financial access in Thailand
  • Bitcoin’s valuation: markets versus technical operation
  • P2P lending: repayment and investors’ characteristics
  • International equity return correlation (with M. Alomari, German Jordanian University; D.M. Power, University of Dundee)
  • Performance of families of funds
  • The mis-selling of Islamic funds (with K. Alotaibi, PAAET Kuwait; C. Helliar, University of South Australia)
  • Socially responsible investment funds’ holdings, governance and performance (with C. Helliar, University of South Australia; B. Petracci, University of Bologna)
  • Civil war and foreign investment (with A. Gunasekarage, Monash University; D.M. Power, University of Dundee)
  • Airlines’ risk management (with T. Maisalee, Vnet Venture Capital Securities Management, Thailand)

External activity

Nuch also holds a position as  the UK Coordinator for the Association of Thai Professionals in European Region (ATPER) and an Economics news advisor for TV Channel 7 (Thailand). She regularly appears on Thai media and give talks on Fintech at several institutions e.g. British Council (Thailand), Thammasat University and Chiang Mai University.

She is also an ad-hoc reviewer for a number of internationally recognised journals e.g. International Review of Financial Analysis (ABS 3*), International Journal of Forecasting (ABS 3*), Applied Economics (ABS 2*), Economic Modelling (ABS 2*), Bulletin of Economic Research (ABS 2*).