Pedro Mendonca

Pedro Mendonca

Lecturer/Senior Lecturer

Nottingham Business School

Staff Group(s)
Department of Human Resource Management


Pedro is a lecturer in Human Resource Management / Organisational Behaviour. He has recently joined Nottingham Trent University (NTU) after being part of the Marie Curie Research Project Changing Employment based in the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. At NTU, Pedro is involved in lecturing and tutoring in a range of undergraduate modules, while he is also a research-active academic within the field of HRM and industrial relations.

Career overview

Pedro is in the process of completing his PhD in Human Resource Management at University of Strathclyde which explores new employment regimes and its impact on job quality.

Pedro also worked as an Early Stage Researcher in the Marie Curie Research Project “Changing Employment”, particularly within Theme 3 which aimed at exploring and examining changes in Working Life Quality and Employee Well-Being across Europe. In this role, Pedro had the opportunity to work with colleagues in Goteborg in Sweden, Budapest in Hungary, and Paris in France.

Pedro holds a BA in Psychology and a MSc in Organisational and Social Psychology (ISPA-IU, Lisbon) as well as a MSc in Human Resource Management (University of Strathclyde). As part of his ongoing PhD studies, he has also completed a PgCert in Research Methodology in Business and Management.

Before joining higher education in 2013, he worked in the industry in Portugal holding managerial roles in HR departments.

Research areas

Pedro’s research interests range from job quality, labour markets, labour process, supply chains and inter-firm relations (Global Value Chains) particularly its impacts on labour and labour process, and employee well-being.

Pedro is particularly interested in the changing nature of work and the role that collective forms of worker agency may have in that changing process.

External activity

Pedro is actively working to become a fellow of the Higher Education Academy and an active academic within the Chartered Institute of Personal Development.

Sponsors and collaborators

Pedro continues to be actively and closely engaged with Changing Employment Research Project and particularly with the Theme 3. In doing so he is now working to contribute to an edited volume concerning with job quality and flexibility lead by members of the Department of Sociology and Work Science in Goteborg University.

In addition, Pedro is also working on jointly research papers with colleagues from Warsaw University, Goteborg University, and the Centre Pierre Naville belonging to the University of Evry, Paris.

Press expertise

Job Quality; Employment Relations; Supply chains and Inter-firm Relations (particularly its impact on labour and labour process); Employee Well-being.