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Raj Ghosh

Lecturer/Senior Lecturer

College of Business Law and Social Sciences, Nottingham Business School

Staff Group(s)
Department of Accounting and Finance


Raj’s background is in accounting and he is a specialist in accounting for organisational sustainability. He teaches both undergraduate and post graduate courses including executive education. Raj champions blended learning and applies a range of innovative techniques to engage his students. Recently, he has been awarded a seed corn fund to undertake comparative research on controls for sustainability.

Career overview

Before joining Nottingham Trent University, Raj has worked on different research projects at the University of Nottingham and possesses experience of working in both private and public sector organisations.

At Nottingham Trent University, Raj has also undertaken other roles including Maths and Stats Tutor, Student Mentor and he is also an active member of course validation panels.

Research areas

Raj’s research is focused on exploring sustainability related aspects from different arenas.  As an early career researcher, Raj has concentrated on exploring roles of consultants to disseminate environmental management accounting, compared drivers of sustainable business practice across different countries, and currently he is focusing on understanding the nature of the design and use of internal controls for promoting sustainability strategies in UK and German companies.

External activity

Raj has visited University of Kassel, Germany delivering lectures on Environmental Management Accounting at the post graduate level.

He has also adjudicated a summer school event held at the University of Leicester.

Sponsors and collaborators

Currently Raj is jointly developing a teaching case on Environmental Management Accounting based on the food sector alongside Professor Herzig at the University of Kassel.

Additionally, Raj is collaborating with the University of Kassel on a comparative research study, jointly funded by Nottingham Trent University and the University of Kassel.


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Welcome Message in April 2016 edition of Social Value and Intangibles Review published by Centre for Citizenship Enterprise and Governance

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