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Robert Riegler

Lecturer/Senior Lecturer

Nottingham Business School

Staff Group(s)
Applied Economics and Policy (Research Group) Department of Economics


Robert is currently teaching microeconomics lectures and seminars for Economic Principles and Applications, Economic Applications and Practice, and Economics for Business & Management.

Career overview

Robert was a lecturer in Economics at Coventry University from 2012 to 2017. His teaching included Principles of Microeconomics, Intermediate Microeconomics and Statistics for Economists. He held several key roles at the School such as Academic Course Director and School Lead in Experiential Learning and Employability. Since 2017, he is a Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Economics at NBS.

Research areas

Robert's research areas are:

  • Foreign Direct Investment and trade
  • Fragmentation of Firms
  • Economics Education

He is currently involved in research projects which analyse (i) the determinants of FDI from developing countries, (ii) the impact of bilateral economic flows on assembling a war coalition, and (iii) the self- and peer-evaluation skills of Economics UG students.

Sponsors and collaborators

  • Mauricio Apablaza (Universidad del Desarrollo, Chile)
  • Jon Guest (Aston University, UK)
  • Mehtap Hisarciklilar (Staffordshire University, UK)
  • Piotr Lis (Coventry University, UK)