Sajid Mehmood


Staff Group(s)
Department of Marketing Nottingham Law School staff


He is lecturer of Marketing at Nottingham Trent University and teaches Principals of Marketing to under-graduates. He is heavily committed to knowledge exchange, actively seeking to ensure that his research and knowledge can be widely disseminated amongst students. While his academic expertise lies in marketing, his research activities have also extended into philosophy and operations management.

Career overview

Prior to joining Nottingham Trent University he worked over ten years in private sector and currently working as a civil servant within public sector. Before this he held a variety of roles in private sector predominately focused either on marketing, operations management, operational delivery and administration.

Research areas

His research interests lie primarily in the domain of sensory marketing. Precisely, he explores how consumer sensations can non-consciously impact consumer judgments and buying behaviour, with an emphasis on underpinning the underlying processes behind such effects. His field of research represents an opportunity to explore impact of surrounding environments and consumer interaction with tangible products, his current research area has wider implications on manufacturers, service design, retail and public policy.