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Tony Woodall

Tony Woodall

Senior Lecturer

Nottingham Business School


After more than 20 years at NTU and previously Principal Lecturer, Tony now works part-time as a Senior Lecturer (Teaching and Research) in the Department of Marketing.

Tony’s primary roles now are as researcher, doctoral supervisor and occasional lecturer.  He has published regularly in ABS3* journals and works on research with various colleagues as both collaborator and mentor. As doctoral supervisor Tony has 12 completions and serves currently both as Director of Studies and support supervisor for a diverse group of current doctoral candidates, both PhD and DBA. A substantive part of Tony’s role relates to the encouragement and support of university research culture and he has a range of associated responsibilities: within the Department of Marketing he performs research-related monitoring activities; at School level is a member of the C17 (Business and Management) REF review panel; and for the College (Business, Law and Social Sciences) acts as reviewer for research ethics applications and as doctoral viva independent chair.

Tony’s teaching has largely focused on Services Marketing, and he has both developed and led programmes and modules at both undergraduate and postgraduate level in this field. He currently delivers ad hoc lectures at colleague’s request in his specialist research topics, including consumer value and the human/technology service interface.  Given a further interest in study pertaining to the notion of ‘student as consumer’ Tony has for many years combined teaching with research, in addition to championing and performing research-led teaching.

Career overview

Prior to joining Nottingham Trent University (initially as part of the then active Quality Unit), Tony worked for many years in industry, in both manufacturing and service sectors.  He served as senior manager at various Nottingham-based companies before finally moving into management consultancy.  Although with occasional responsibilities for both manufacturing and design, Tony’s duties have primarily focused on quality management, and concern for the customer has consistently underpinned activities in both corporate and educational domains.

Research areas

Doctor Woodall is classified as research active and has published in a range of ABS 2* and 3* journals, including the European Journal of Marketing, the Journal of Marketing Management, the International Business Review, Studies in Higher Education and Marketing Theory. His research interests are wide but focus chiefly on customer-perceived value and on marketer behaviour.  He currently has a number of manuscripts under review and is working on projects in a range of areas, including students’ value-related perspectives on their university experience, social media customer engagement, and sustainable transport.  Tony’s supervisory work is located broadly in the field of consumer behaviour.

External activity

  • Over the past fifteen years Doctor Woodall has been a regular ad hoc manuscript reviewer for a variety of marketing and management journals, primarily ABS 3*.  In addition to those he has published in, these include the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, International Journal of Management Reviews, and Industrial Marketing Management.  He has also reviewed contributions for a range of marketing conferences, most frequently for the UK Academy of Marketing.