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Andrew Moore

Andrew Moore

Business Account Manager

Centre for Academic Development and Quality Dept.


Andrew works in the Apprenticeship team as a Business Account Manager, responsible for the Level 6 Chartered Surveyor Degree Apprenticeship pathways. The key focus of this role is to develop strong and sustainable partnerships with employers, supporting businesses to assess their skills gaps and the role apprenticeships can play in their overall business and recruitment strategy. This includes a business development focusing on the promotion of the three Level 6 Chartered Surveyor apprentice standards to employers, plus managing the ongoing relationship with employers once apprentices have commenced their course. Andrew engages with the respective Academic teams within the school of ADBE to ensure a cohesive service is provided to all stakeholders.

Career overview

Andrew joined NTU in March 2020,  bringing with him extensive knowledge and experience within the training and education sector; with a particular focus on Apprenticeships. Having designed, delivered and managed a number of national apprenticeship programmes in the U.K. on behalf of large Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s). Andrew has a operated at company director level with a Nottingham based training business and has also held senior roles within the Further Education arena.

External activity

Andrew is actively engaged as part of a Trailblazer group and also a Sector Advisory Group developing new Apprenticeship Standards.