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Beverley Lawe teaches on various Initial Teacher Training courses at NTU. She is a food technology specialist and as such contributes to courses which involve food teaching.

Beverley works primarily with secondary education students (in the ‘Centre for Design and Technology Education’ based in Maudslay Building at the City Campus) at both undergraduate and post-graduate level, where she is module leader for the three specialist modules on the BA secondary course. Beverley is an accredited trainer for the ‘Food in Schools’ primary training and is able to bring this expertise to the primary programmes by working with all the Year One primary students and Design & Technology specialists in later years.

Because of the thematic approach of primary education Beverley also contributes to electives in PSHE.

As an accredited food safety trainer Beverley also trains students and local teachers so that they gain the level 2 food safety certificate.

Career overview

Beverley Lawe has a BSc (Hons) in Home Economics (1980), a secondary PGCE (1981) and a MEd (1987) and has had a teaching career in secondary schools spanning 26 years in total. Since leaving full-time teaching in school she has set up her own training business and worked as a sessional lecturer at NTU. Beverley is currently employed on a part-time contract at NTU where she delivers on a range of courses.

As a secondary school teacher Beverley worked in a variety of schools both in deprived inner-city areas and county schools in both rural and urban areas with mixed intakes. She enjoyed management responsibility within a number of posts.

Before leaving school teaching Beverley gained the Level Four Certificate in Food Safety and became registered with the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH). Beverley is now also registered with the Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance (HABC) and has enabled NTU to become a centre for the delivery of HABC awards.

Beverley gained her accreditation as a Food in Schools trainer while she was a practicing teacher and has become a lead practitioner with the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust for the Licence to Cook programme since becoming a freelance trainer.

As part of the revalidation of the BA Secondary Design and Technology Education course Beverley was responsible for writing three of the new modules to be included in the course.

Research areas

Beverley is a member of the Technology, Enhanced Learning and Pedagogy research group.

External activity

Beverley Lawe is an accredited trainer for Food Safety up to Level Three, Food in Schools – primary training and the Licence to Cook initiative in secondary schools. Beverley has run her own training business under the name of Beverley Lawe Training since September 2007.

As well as running training course for Teachers funded by the Food in Schools programme and Licence to Cook, Beverley has delivered courses for teachers through KSD, a company providing quality CPD for schools. The course focussed on raising performance with all materials written and provided by Beverley.

Beverley provides training through NTU for students and CPD for both partnership and non-partnership schools as well as running courses independently outside the University. She receives very good and excellent feedback on evaluations from her training courses.

As well as running licence to cook courses, outside of the University Beverley has been able to build training into the PGCE to enhance the learning experience for the students

She has also been an External Examiner for the PGCE Design and Technology course at the University of East London.



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