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Deliah Pawluch

Deliah Pawluch

Senior Lecturer

School of Social Sciences

Staff Group(s)
Primary Teacher Education


Senior Lecturer

Deliah teaches on Mathematics Education programmes and Education and Professional Studies programmes. She also contributes actively to the team's work in School Based Training.

Deliah is currently the Lead tutor for NTU's DFE-funded MAST programme, working with teachers from across four local authorities.

Career overview

Opportunities to carry out postgraduate research towards an MPhil / PhD or MSc by research may exist in the following areas

Primary practice:

  • Mathematics Education
  • Subject knowledge for teaching
  • Practitioner research.

Further information may be obtained from the University Graduate School.

Research areas

Deliah’s central professional interests are:

  • Didactic transposition - the transformation of subject knowledge to make it teachable. This sits at the interface between teaching and learning – encompassing , for example, the design and development of teaching sequences, the design of learning activities to promote active learning, along with the importance of teacher listening and contingent teaching.
  • The genesis of teacher knowledge - the patterns of professional development and progress which support the transformation of subject knowledge into teacher knowledge, and the transformation of trainees into effective teachers.

Deliah's first degree in English Language and Literature was followed by a PGCE in (Primary Education). She taught in Leicester primary schools for ten years. During this time, while working with second language learners, her interest in the teaching and learning of mathematics was piqued. She took on the role of mathematics coordinator and completed an Advanced Diploma in Mathematics Education with the Open University, with research of her practice embedded in her day to day work as a primary teacher.

She joined Nottingham Trent University as a member of the mathematics education team, immediately becoming involved in the design and management of programmes of school based training. Her Masters degree embraced these two passions- mathematics education and the mentoring of students on programmes of initial teacher education. Once again, her research was embedded in her day to day work - this time as a tutor on programmes at Nottingham Trent University.

Her current goal is to promote a culture in NTU's primary partnership which supports the training and induction of professionally energetic, research informed, research oriented primary practitioners.

External activity

Deliah is a member of the:

  • Association for Teaching Mathematics (ATM)
  • Mathematics Association (MA)
  • British Society for Research into Learning of Mathematics (BSLRM).

Sponsors and collaborators

Deliah has undertaken several NTU funded partnership projects with local partner schools, has supervised DfES funded Best Practice Research Scholarships and has undertaken TTA funded project activity in collaboration with local and regional partners.