Doreen Connor

Doreen Connor


School of Social Sciences

Staff Group(s)
Secondary and Continuing Education


Senior Lecturer

Doreen Connor leads both the secondary mathematics strand and the educational professional studies module of the Secondary PGCE. She is responsible for all mathematics teacher trainees and their development into confident professional secondary teachers.

Doreen has teaching interests in teachers’ development of pedagogical and subject content knowledge, with a special interest in the way mathematical and statistical aspects link together. She also has interest in collaborative practice and how to develop reflective practitioners who will seek continuing professional development throughout their careers.

Current projects

Research areas

Doreen Connor is a member of the education research cluster group Developing Practice. She is also a visiting fellow of Plymouth University connected to the Royal Statistical Society Centre for Statistical Education based there.

Doreen's main areas of interest are:

  • mathematics education
  • statistical education
  • teacher education.

External activity

  • 2009 Topic Convenor of ICOTS 8 July 2010 Slovenia – Topic Two Statistics at School Level
  • 2009 UNESCO – Workshop presenter for 150 South African Teachers Training in the Teaching of Statistics
  • 2008 NCETM/ITE Professional Development through Mentoring Conference
  • 2008 Primary ICT Conference Herfordshire
  • 2008 SSAT Maths and Computing National Conference
  • 2008 Royal Institution/RSS Statistics Open Day for Schools
  • 2008 ICMI/IASE Round Table conference/study 18 topic organiser – ITESM Monterrey
  • 2006-2010 Member of International programme committee ICMI Study 18
  • 2007 Radenski Statistical Days conference Slovenia
  • 2007 ACME The Mathematical Needs of 14-19 pathways
  • 2007 Effective Affective Learners – SEAL
  • 2007 NCETM Linking Prof Dev and Research for Maths Teachers
  • 2006 ICOTS Seven Conference Salvador Brazil
  • 2006 ACME Making Mathematics Count - Two years on
  • 2006 TDA/PLA Creativity in Maths/Sci Recruitment - York
  • 2006 Technology for Secondary/College Mathematics Residential Workshop - Oundle

Sponsors and collaborators

  • Teacher Development Agency