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Krishan Sood

Krishan Sood

Senior Lecturer

School of Social Sciences

Staff Group(s)
Undergraduate and Professional Education


Krishan’s main role at NTU is as course leader for the Foundation degree. He leads a team of three tutors to teach on the course. He has a number of PhD/EdD students he supervises as the director of study or as a supervisor. He is an active researcher. Krishan’s expertise lies in the areas of educational leadership and management, diversity and equality, EAL studies, Early Years work and gender in education. He has growing track record of publication in these areas. He is an external examiner in two Universities in UK. He has taught in four universities to date and is very passionate about research informed educational practice. To that end, he is continually updating his skills and has presented papers at local, national and international conferences.

Career overview

Research areas

Krishan is research active in the field of leadership and management, Early Years and leadership; EAL and leadership, diversity management and gender and education.

External activity

    • 2022- to date: External examiner at University of Huddersfield (MA).
    • 2021- to date: External Examiner in BA Foundation Degree in Learning and Support course at Worcester University.
    • 2017-2021: External Examiner for MA, PG Diploma and PG Certificate in Applied Educational Leadership & Management. University College London Institute of Education
    • 2019: Periodic reviewer for the FdA Supporting and Managing Learning in Education and the Masters in Education programmes at Bradford College.
    • 2015-2018: External Examiner for Educational Leadership at Cambridge International Examinations.
    • 2014-2018: External Examiner for Early Childhood Studies & FdA Supporting Teaching & Learning at University of Greenwich.
    • 2011-2015: External Examiner in MA Professional Development course at Worcester University.
    • 2011: External Adviser, validation/revalidation of programmes: University College Plymouth, St. Marks and St. Josephs.

    Membership of Professional Associations:

    • Member of BELMAS
    • Secretary of the British Educational Leadership, Management and Administration Society (BELMAS) (2006 to 2008)
    • Member of Institute of Biology
    • Member of BELMAS Higher Education Leadership and Management research interest group (BELMAS RIG)
    • Member of British Education Research Association (BERA)
    • Society for Research in Higher Education (SRHE)
    • Universities’ Council for the Education of Teachers (UCET)
    • Past member of Race Equality Council, Leamington Spa.
    • Member of the Higher Education Academy
    • Editor board member of Archives of Applied Linguistics (Aug 12, 2022-Aug 11, 2024).

Sponsors and collaborators

Worked with School Development Support Agency and nine local authority Directors of Children’s Services from 2010-13 on leadership development programme for assistant leaders of Children’s services at the National College for Teaching and Leadership, Nottingham.


Selected publications:

Gear, R. and Sood, K. (2022) An auto-ethnographic study exploring middle leaders’ strategic leadership to impact children’s learning. In Ebrahim, H.B., Harrison, G., Ashley-Cooper, M., Martin, C.D., & Shaik, N. (Eds). Voices from the Early Childhood Care and Education Field in South Africa: Research and Promising Practices for New Directions. Pretoria: South African Research Association of Early Childhood Education. ISBN: 978-1-998981-43-4.

Tarah, A. and Sood, K. (2022)  Participatory Action Research: Challenges and Opportunities of Undertaking Indigenous Approach in Examining School Leadership in a Conflict-Affected Zone, in  Marcellus F. Mbah., Walter Leal Filho and Sandra Ajaps (eds) Indigenous Methodologies, Research and Practices for Sustainable Development,  Springer,, World Sustainability Series. ISBN: 978-3-031-12326-9.

Gear, R. and Sood, K. (2021) How are middle leaders developing a leadership culture to support sustainable curriculum change in an English primary school? Educ. Sci. 2021, 11, x.

Gear, R. and Sood, K. (2021) The impact of pupil voice and the social nature of learning on mathematical thinking and problem solving: Stories from a Year 5 Primary classroom. ASPE Bulletin, Issue 28, October 2021.

Mistry, M. and Sood, K. (2020) Meeting the Needs of Young Children with English as an Additional Language: Research Informed Practice. London: David Fulton Book.

Sood, K. (2020) How can diversity translate into practice in primary schools? Association for the Study of Primary Education (ASPE) Bulletin. Issue 15 June 2020.

Sood, K., Peart, S. and Mistry, M. (2018) Becoming a Successful School Leader: Developing New Insights. London: Routledge.M

Mistry, M. and Sood. K. (2017) How can the skills of early Years leaders support other leaders in a primary school setting? Management in Education, July 2017, vol. 31, no. 3, pp.125- 134, (DOI: 10.1177/0892020617711194).

Mistry, M. and Sood. K. (2016) Challenges of developing pedagogy through diversity and equity within the new Early Years Foundation (EYFS) curriculum. Primary First Journal, Issue 17: 18-19.

Mistry, M. & Sood, K. (2016) What does a globalized curriculum look like for diverse learners in primary schools? Race Equality Teaching, 33.3.07, DOI: 10.18546/RET.33.3.07

Mistry, M. & Sood, K. (2016) Busting the myth of gender bias: views from men and women primary-school trainees and teachers, Education 3-13, 44:3, 283-296, DOI: 10.1080/03004279.2014.922595.

Mistry, M. & Sood, K. (2015) Managing diversity in a primary classroom: Challenges for practitioners and school leaders. Race Equality Teaching, 33, 2: 21-26.

Mistry, M. & Sood, K. (2015) Why are there still so few men within Early Years in primary schools: view from male trainee teachers and male leaders? in Education 3-13: International Journal of Primary, Elementary and Early Years Education. Volume 43, No.2. (115-127) Article (1-13).

Carter, K. and Sood, K. (2014) It’s Complicated: Apprentice Leaders on the Edge of Chaos in Management in Education, 28 (2) 64–69.


Sood, K. and Gear, R.  (2022) The messiness of “doing” Middle Leadership:  the position(ality) of our unsung heroes. Blogpost or Nottingham Institute of Education blog. [online]. accessed 27.10.22.

Sood, K. and Mistry, M. (2022) Migration, a hot topic: are English schools ready? Blog post for Nottingham Institute of Education blog. [online] Available

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Sood, K., Halttunen, L., Mistry, M. and Rose, M. (2022). What is the status of Early Childhood center leaders? A comparison between England and Finland. 2022, 31st EECERA Conference, Glasgow, Scotland.

Gear, R. and Sood, K. (2022) July. How does Teaching for Mastery mixed ability group improve mathematical achievement for all? Paper presented at the Children and Childhoods Conference at the University of Suffolk. Ipswich, UK.

Gear, R. and Sood, K. (2021) July. How are middle leaders developing a leadership culture to support sustainable curriculum change in maths in an English primary school? Paper presented at the 4th National ECD Conference ‘Building High Quality ECD research and practice in South Africa: Birth to Grade R’ The South African Research Association for Early Childhood Education (SARAECE) online.

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