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Krishan Sood

Krishan Sood

Senior Lecturer

School of Social Sciences


Krishan’s main role at NTU is as course leader for the Foundation degree. He leads a team of three tutors to teach on the course. He has a number of PhD/EdD students he supervises as the director of study or as a supervisor. He is an active researcher. Krishan’s expertise lies in the areas of educational leadership and management, diversity and equality, EAL studies, Early Years work and gender in education. He has growing track record of publication in these areas. He is an external examiner in two Universities in UK. He has taught in four universities to date and is very passionate about research informed educational practice. To that end, he is continually updating his skills and has presented papers at local, national and international conferences.

Career overview

At NTU, Krishan has lead on the MA course, with expertise in education leadership and management based on leading and teaching on this course at Lincoln University first and now, at Nottingham Trent University. He has taught both on-site and off-site and is well aware of the tensions of teaching on both sites, so can be sympathetic to the team. Krishan believes that putting the structures and systems in place, with excellent administrative staff is first step to success of the provision. Team work is essential as the academic and admin staff are the public face, so firmly believes that we have got to get it right first time.

Krishan has led an MA Education leadership and management programme for 10 teachers/senior leaders when he was at Waverley school as an assistant headteacher. This meant he fully understood the day to day pressures of teachers and teaching, and has a good understanding of the UK school system and policies and how to motivate adult learning. He has brought to these tasks listening skills, empathy, stress management techniques and motivational skills so often underplayed in managing adult learning.

He has been a part-time associate tutor at Leicester University for over 13 years on their Education management programme, having some 30 personal tutees 2013-14. So has deep understanding of the part-time nature of the MA/MSc study as well as the needs and aspirations of international students. Krishan believes he has excellent interpersonal skills and likes to foster good relationship with his students and fellow tutors. He also has expertise in the area of leadership and management which he has used to good effect as external examiner at Huddersfield University.

Below is a brief overview of the MA modules he has lead and taught at NTU since 2008: research skills; dissertation; innovative teaching and learning; diversity and attainment; coaching and mentoring, leadership and management, policy and practice and leading change in management. He has also taught on various undergraduate courses on his areas of expertise as described earlier.

Previous Responsibilities

At Lincoln University, International Institute for Educational Leadership (IIEL), Principal Lecturer;
Course director for MSc Education Management; Course director for MSc Education Learning and Development (on-line course); Developing on-line resources for various MSc educational and research modules; Course director for MSc Education Business Risk Management; Teaching on Ed.D programme; Supervising EdD and Ph.D students; Successfully took 4 students to their final doctorates; Undertaking Quality Assurance; Leading and/or attending Validation events; Research and Consultancy; Marketing.

At Birmingham Central University, MA course director for Equal Opportunities; MA research methods module leader; ITT BA year 2 programme leader for Inclusive education; school experience supervision; liaison with external examiners; research and consultancy. At Northampton University, Science education at Warwickshire County Council, as an Advisory teacher for intercultural education.

Research areas

Krishan is research active in the field of leadership and management, Early Years and leadership; EAL and leadership, diversity management and gender and education.

External activity

2003 - 06 External Examiner in MA Professional Development course at Huddersfield University.

2005: Internal examiner for EdD viva: Lincoln University.

2009: Nottingham Institute of Education Committee Membership: School RITA Committee; Research Cluster – Social Justice and Inclusion.

2010: Chair of PhD Viva at Nottingham Trent University.

2011: External Adviser, validation/revalidation of programmes: University College Plymouth, St. Marks and St. Josephs.

2011: External Examiner in MA Professional Development course at
Worcester University.

2014 to date: External examiner at Huddersfield University (Foundation degree) and Greenwich University (Foundation degree).

Sponsors and collaborators

Worked with School Development Support Agency and nine local authority Directors of Children’s Services from 2010-13 on leadership development programme for assistant leaders of Children’s services at the National College for Teaching and Leadership, Nottingham.


Selected publications:

Mistry, M. & Sood, K. (2015) Managing diversity in a primary classroom: Challenges for practitioners and school leaders. Race Equality Teaching, 33, 2: 21-26.

Mistry, M. & Sood, K. (2015) Why are there still so few men within Early Years in primary schools: view from male trainee teachers and male leaders? in Education 3-13: International Journal of Primary, Elementary and Early Years Education. Volume 43, No.2. (115-127) Article (1-13).

Carter, K. and Sood, K. (2014) It’s Complicated: Apprentice Leaders on the Edge of Chaos in Management in Education, 28 (2) 64–69.

Mistry, M. & Sood, K. (2014) Permeating the social justice ideals of equality and equity within the context of Early Years: challenges for leadership in multi-cultural and mono-cultural primary schools. Education 3-13: International Journal of Primary, Elementary and Early Years Education. London: Taylor & Francis Online

Mistry, M. and Sood, K. (2013) Under-representation of males in the early years: The challenges leaders face, in Management in Education, 27(2) 63–69.

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